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Restoration Hardware's "Wish Book" Publication

Hello lovely friends!  Have you seen the new Restoration Hardware catalog "Publication".  They are calling it their new "Publication" instead of catalog as it it 600-something pages long and includes some articles.  Mine came via email and I had fun scrolling through it.

They have some really unique new pieces so I thought we should discuss. 

Restoration Hardware has lost me a bit over the past few years because they became very monochromatic in shades of grey and kind of, dare I say... depressing.  They've also taken on a very masculine look that wasn't there 10 years ago.  I can really appreciate the masculine style they are going for, it just isn't the look I want in my home.  But that's fine, I still like to look. :)

*All pictures in this post are courtesy of Restoration Hardware.
This pic is an example of why they've lost me a bit...
 Restoration Hardware still had some fabulous stuff of course, their prices are just TOO HIGH! 

Like, insanely high. 

Like even if I were rich I would still think twice about spending $4000 on a replica of WWII Celestial Binoculars (Yes, I am serious... scroll down to see photo) to sit in my living room and collect dust.
That's why I'm looking and not buying.

Anywhooo.  Let's check out some of the items from their catalog "Publication".

I was blown away by the light fixtures, very unique, some fantastic, some, just plain different.  The first that caught my eye was this bird cage chandelier.  I've never seen anything like it.  For some reason, to me it's screaming "Moulan Rouge".  Definitely very interesting and a conversation piece if you were rich brave enough to put it in your home. 

Vintage Birdcage Chandelier X-Large

Feminine Bling meets Masculine Metal??

Foucault's Orb Crystal Chandelier Large
Special $2195

 This one looks like it's missing something...
A "steal" at only $750
18th C. Bartolomeo Chandelier Small
BIG for $1175
These chairs are great ($329 each and a somewhat easy knock-off) with the table and metal chandy.
These chairs are really masculine and kind of odd dining chairs if you ask me (they didn't ask me).  I like the light fixtures and even the moose antlers! :)

Ok, here's the $4000 WWII replica Celestial Night Binoculars... (for people with so much money they don't know what to do with it.)  I know what I'd do with it, not waste it on these replica binoculars! :)

Restoration Hardware has been doing these 1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamps for the past couple years.  Interesting but not very practical for most people at  $1995 on Special for $1695.  I like the use of the metal chandy in here with the very cool aviation coffee table, an awesome man-cave piece.


More man cave stuff...  The aviation metal pieces are really striking and cool.  Definitely masculine pieces for manly men. 
Aviator Wing Desk
Aviator Wing Desk
These next photos are pieces and styles that I still love about Restoration Hardware.
Fab mirror, couch and throw pillows.

Love the whole look of this dining room.

Lovely bed and chandelier and beautiful overall.

Another fab vintage looking chandelier

Well, since there are 600 pages in the Restoration Hardware catalog "publication" I could go on and on but I'll stop now, hopefully while you're still reading. 

I was not paid to do this post, I just love design/decorating and love getting my new catalogs in the mail or email.  This "publication" had such interesting stuff in it I had to discuss it with someone who cared (Mr. Chic was not interested in looking at a 600 page catalog and discussing decorating trends with me, can you believe that?!) ;)

Have you read the latest RH "publication"?? What do you think of it???

Flaunt it Friday 68!

Hey party people!

Happy Friday!

It's that time again... time to Flaunt it! 

Hangin' Over My Head...

Howdy-ho faithful readers. 

When we moved in over 2 years ago we replaced all the builder grade light fixtures.  The chandelier over the kitchen table was one of the first to go. 

Mr. Chic hung our lovely kitchen chandelier the week we moved in.  He was rather busy that week with other home improvement projects so I considered myself lucky that he installled it when he did.  The only problem was that something went wrong with the chain.  He said he'd fix it later. 

Don't mind the crooked shades, this post is only about the messy chain and cord.
Well, it's 2 years later and the chain still looks like that.  It's been hanging over my head for 2 years!  Get it, hangin' over my head, ahahaha.  Kitchen chandelier chain fixing is some where very low on Mr. Chic's honey-do list.

And really, it's not a big deal.  I don't think people notice it (at least I hope they don't!)  Actually, they are probably leaving saying "What was up with that awful chanderlier chain... and she calls herself an interior decorator!?" 

Something had to be done.  I so was over that nasty mess of a chain. 

I found a chandelier chain cord cover for super cheap in the color of my chandelier shades at Tuesday Mornings.  I have never really been a fan of these things, they always seemed a bit 80's country-looking to me but I figured what the heck... it's better than that hot mess of a chandelier chain.  And it's not a concrete goose in a dress on my front porch.

This thing didn't come with any directions, how hard could it be?  I unzipped it and started at the top because I thought it would be easier to zip down the cord than up. 

I started zipping it up and scrunching it up.  It was strangely similar to putting on pantyhose. 

I HATE putting on pantyhose. 

Pinch, pinch, PULL.  Pinch, pinch, PULL.  Pinch, pinch, PULL.

It soon became evident that I'd bought an extra-small cover for a queen-sized chain. 

The extra-small cover also seemed to be extra-long.  After 10 minutes of pinching and pulling I realized I would not be able to get the entire cover on to the chain no matter how much I pinched and pulled.

After all of that pinching and pullling it doesn't even fit!!  Awwww mannn.... seriously??

I decided that I could make it work.  I got out my kitchen shears and cut that sucker, zipper and all.

Now it fits perfect! 

I folded the jagged kitchen shear cut ends under, I don't sew, that's just how I roll.

I think it looks SO much better and not 80's country-ish at all. 

I have to say, I'm a fan.  I prefer my chandelier chains naked, but when it's a hot-mess queen-sized chandelier chain, cover that baby up!

How do you like your chandelier chains, covered or in the buff??

Organize your Cords with an Applecore?

Hello friends!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Have any of you been out shopping lately? 

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins!  (I even saw some Christmas stuff, some stores had it out in July!but I am so not going there right now) 

In a few short weeks I'll be busting out the fall decor, my favorite season and the start of the "Season of Decorating Extravaganzas"  meaning fall and Christmas decorating, a very big deal around my house because I decorate like crazy for both. 

Before I start my so-called "Season of Decorating Extravaganzas" I am trying my best to get my house organized.  Pulling out a bunch of decorations into an already messy and unorganized house is kind of a bad idea.  No matter how beautiful your decorations are, if they are sitting in a room that is an unorganized mess, it's not going to look very pretty.

I'm working on some big organization jobs and some small ones too.  Monday I showed you my small storage shelf over-haul here.  Today I'm going to share a little item that straightens up some of those pesky tangly cords in your home.

The folks over at Applecore International sent me these cute little guys to tidy up some of my cord messes. 

Now you see why they are called Applecores? :)

I knew right where I needed most of them... my laptop!

I pretty much only use our laptop because our PC is old and S....L....O....W.  I love the mobility of the laptop but I hate dragging all the cords around.

Why don't you just put the cords away, you ask? 

Well, that would make sense but I use my USB cord and Mr. Chic uses his mp3 charger every day.  Also, the battery in my laptop isn't holding a charge like it used to so I need to keep it plugged in most of the day.  That means I have 3 cords hanging off my laptop swinging around, getting in the way, tangling up together and looking messy not to mention causing a tripping hazard. 

When we do take the cords off the laptop they never seem to make it back to their home up in a basket but just lay around all messy-like on the kitchen counter.  When I put them where they belong in a basket they get tangled with other cords (cell phone chargers, etc) and it becomes a hot mess of wires

That's where these ingenious little Applecore gadgets come in. Choose a size, wind up your cord, hang each ends out of the top and bottom and you're done!  Instant organizer and mess reducer!

I got so excited when I got these that I forgot to take a before picture, but believe me, it wasn't pretty.

The Applecores hang off my laptop making my cords easily accessible and never tangled.  If I want to put the cords away in the basket where they truly belong I toss the whole thing in.  When I need the cable again it comes out all by itself, neatly wrapped on the Applecore not tangled up with 50 other wires that live in the same basket.  No more frustrating cord tangles... easy peasy!  

These work great and they are super cheap starting at $1.99!  Even my shoestring budget can handle that. :)

Disclaimer:  Applecore Intl. provided their product to me at no cost for an honest review, I was not paid to review this product and all opinions are 100% mine.

Laundry Shelf Makeover

Hi friends!  Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

I have an ongoing battle in my home with storage space.  We have plenty of storage space but I also have plenty of junk stuff that I pack into it.  I don't have trouble packing stuff into my storage spaces, I mostly have trouble organizing it and keeping it that way. 

I have a shelf in my laundry room that is completely wasted storage space.  It's one of those skinny white wire closet shelves that has a hanger bar below it to hang clothes, the above shelf had become a wasteland for random junk.

It's above my head so I'd literally fling stuff up there to get it out of the way and then I'd forget it was ever there. It slowly grew into a big mess of unorganized junk useful stuff that I will use at a later date.


I finally got around to doing something about this terrible disaster of a shelf after a different storage organization mission failed. 
See that big blue bin up there on the messy shelf??  I got several of those on clearance for $2 each.  They are pretty big and usually 12.99 each!  This was a sweet score (high-five to myself)! 

They were going to go great in the cube shelving unit in the boy's playroom and hold lots of hot wheels, legos, etc... 

Except they ended up being an inch too big to fit in the shelf.  FAIL!! 

Since they were so super-duper cheap I knew I could make good use of them elsewhere.

After I propped the first blue one up on my laundry shelf and it fit perfectly I knew I had a solution. 

Woo Hoo!

I got rid of all the junk on the shelf and made labels for the boxes for useful items like art supplies, light bulbs, extension cords, and good old miscellaneous. 

To make labels I used old scrapbook paper and found some ribbon for $1 at Hobby Lobby that matched perfect. 

Sorry about the picture quality, the laundry room doesn't have a window so the lighting isn't good for photos.

Although navy and green apple wasn't really the color scheme I had in mind my laundry room isn't even decorated (SHHHH!!! Don't tell!)  so it doesn't matter.  It's actually kind of nice to have some color in there. 

What's your secret wasted storage space?  Will bins and labels help to organize it?? 

A Pretty Dining Room

I was playing catch up on my DVR the other night watching a decorating show.  Surprise! 

It was not the train wreck of a decorating show Million Dollar Decorator (read about my thoughts on it HERE)

It was an episode of Sarah 101 on HGTV.  I love to watch Sarah because she is so talented (obviously) but she also often surprises me.  She'll add a splash of unexpected pattern or color and when she shows the swatch I'll always think to myself  "Hmmm, that one's a little ugly different, Sarah."

But then, at the end of the show, it always looks amazing. 


Maybe that's why Sarah gets paid the big bucks and me, not so much ;)

The episode I watched was a dining room makeover that she dubbed "Jewel-like dining". 

It was so unique and fabulous I thought I'd share it with wonderful people like you, that appreciate unique and fabulous.  (As opposed to Mr. Chic who fell asleep on the couch next to me while we were watching some non-decorating show.  He woke up and I asked what he thought of the lovely "Jewel-like dining" room, he glanced at the tv "Groan... I'm going to bed."  Party pooper.)

Unlike Mr. Chic, you will love it!

Here it is in all it's "Jewel-like" glory...

I learn so much by watching other designers.  Look how much is going on in there... different fabrics on the chairs, different colored chairs (see the yellow ones flanking the buffet) the wallpaper, paneling, funky mirror shape, curtains, etc. but it flows together so nicely.

The gold leaf wall paper is really amazing. 

I admit at first the wallpaper scared me with the yellow geometric chair fabric, but it totally works!  

The only thing I don't really like is the chandelier.  Sarah said she kept it simple because the rest of the room was not.  It's a little too Medieval Times-ish for me.


I find this room extra appealing because I would never have chosen most of these fabrics, colors and textures for my own home, but I really think it turned out beautifully.

What do you think of it? 

Flaunt it Friday 67!

Happy Flaunt it Friday!! 

Because I have been too lazy preparing for back to school, my Flaunt it Friday button is still having some issues, if you can't get it to work, please use the Chic on a Shoestring button or a text link back to me. 

Some day soon, like before Christmas if you're lucky, I'll get my party button to work!

Thanks, peeps!

Last Day of Summer, Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my $50 credit to Cutting Edge Stencils chosen by is #29, Stacey from Embracing Change!  I'll be in touch Stacey, Congratulations!! 

The Last Day of Summer

Somehow, summer has disappeared.


Just like that and it's gone. 

Technically, it's not the "real" last day of summer.  According to the "real" calendar, (not the school calender) fall doesn't even start until September 23rd. 

BUT, school starts tomorrow for my little guy, so that means the end of summer for me.  I'm sure a lot of you moms out there with kids in school will agree with me, summer is over when school starts.

This summer has seriously been the fastest summer of my life.  It was strangely, almost obscenely fast. 

We didn't do a bunch of crazy stuff to take up all our time and make it go fast.  We just kinda hung out and had a lot of  lazy days.  Lazy summer days should not go fast, they should go slooooowwwww.

But they didn't.

They went FAST!

I purposely didn't sign us up for too many summer activities so that we wouldn't be rushing to games and lessons every single day.  We had just enough to do.

Today we had a special "Last Day of Summer Fun Day". 

We spent it at the pool (that was practically empty), then a picnic lunch, walk around the lake, and ice cream.  It was perfect.

We were busy this summer, busy doing nothing. 

It was absolutely fabulous. 

Have you had your last day of summer?

French Script Here to Stay?? (last day for Cutting Edge Stencils Giveaway!)

Hello lovely friends!

Today is the last day to enter my Cutting Edge Stencils $50 Giveaway, enter HERE now!

Has the suspense been killing you?!?

What suspense?!?

Well, you know... the results to my very fun and scientific poll about French Script being "here to stay" or "on the way {out}".

Oh yes, that suspense. 

You've been losing sleep I'm sure. 

I won't keep you waiting any longer...

French Script is HERE TO STAY.

This is according to my very scientific survey which resulted in 120 (73%) voting here to stay and 43 (26%)voting on the way {out}.

I'm so happy French Script is here to stay because I happen to love it (when done properly of course)! 

I have been looking for ways to work some French Script to my decor for quite some time without breaking my shoestring budget. 

Since Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs (I'm sure French Script showed up way before the PB and BD catalogs in some fancy schmancy designer line but that's the first I saw it) came out with French Script pillows a few years back it has been popping up everywhere. 

In my hunt for the perfect and affordable French Script I've found that not all French Script is created equal.  Some of it is just plain ugly just doesn't look right. I've found a lot that was just plain ugly just doesn't look right in my price range.

I like this pillow but not so much the Pottery Barn price...

Calligraphy Decoupage Pillow Cover, 18"
via Pottery Barn

A fabric swatch from Ballard Designs
Document Brown Easy Care Fabric by the Yard
via Ballard Designs

The Ballard's print looks lovely on a pillow and even nice on a chair

via Niemen Marcus

But anything bigger than a chair....

via Soft Peach Boutique

is a little much for my taste.   Although, I like this sofa and think it is very tastefully done, I think I'd be sick of it sooner than later. 
That's why French Script is great for accessories.  Because, even though my super scientific poll showed that French Script is here to stay right now, that doesn't mean forever.

So, why am I all worked up over French Script right now?

Well, I finally found some fabulous French Script pillows in my price range that will work in my house... this was super exciting for me (is it weird that I'm super excited about pillows?)

Here's a sneak peak at the French Script pillows I found...

I'll show how and where I used French Script in a post very soon. 

Thanks to all who participated in my "fun" survey.  I'll be posting another here in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Flaunt it Friday 66!

Hi there!  Are you ready for the weekend?? 

I thought so.

First, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway of a $50 gift certificate to Cutting Edge Stencils HERE.

Now, time to party!

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Client Living Room Makeover Tour

Hi friends! 

Have you signed up yet for my giveaway of a $50 gift certificate to Cutting Edge Stencils yet?  If not, do so HERE.

It's time to share another client makeover with you!

My clients are a lovely young couple that have been married for a few years.  They were living with a hodge-podge of furniture that was a combination of what they each had before they were married.  It wasn't really working for them anymore.  They were ready for a grown up living room.

Here is a before picture:

They didn't have a couch, just 2 chairs and 3 tables, it made for an awkward living arrangement.  They also had nothing on the walls and no window treatments besides miniblinds.

After discussing their budget I gave them some furniture options to choose from, they picked the sofas they liked best and I went from there with my design.  We decided to keep the tables as they were in good condition and not out-dated.

Here's what I came up with...

Doesn't it look all grown up now?? :) 

Another view:


I was able to use the large wall clock that they received off their wedding registry that was still in the box after 3 years. :) 

This space was a particular eyesore with all the electrical and cable outlets just sitting there staring at you when you walked in the front door. They did not want a TV in their living room so I came up something else...


I was able to buy them some inexpensive ladder shelves and make somewhat of a wall storage/display unit out of them.  It fills the space nicely although my picture of the setup isn't great...

I had a great time decorating for these two.  I love doing my dream job, thanks for letting me share it with you!

Also, don't forget to vote in my very fun survey (yes, surveys are fun!) if you think French Script Decor is here to stay or on the way {out} right above the title of this post, only 2 days left to vote!

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Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway!

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

I am SO excited to finally share some sneak peaks of some major progress I've made on my Monochromatic Master Makeover (say that 5 times fast!)

I'm even more excited to be giving away a $50 gift certificate to Cutting Edge Stencils!! 

If you've been hanging out in blogland long enough I'm sure you've seen many of their lovely stencils working magic on walls everywhere.

Love this one...
stenciled wall
via Cutting Edge Stencils

I was giddy when they sent me the stencil of my choice, a paint roller, a sweet little attachable stencil level plus another little stencil to use and review!

I was really torn as to which stencil I wanted... it was a close pick between the ever popular moroccan inspired trellis/quatrefoil  "Rabat Allover" stencil seen above and below.

via Cutting Edge Stencils

Or the classic and elegant Anna Damask Stencil...

Anna Damask Stencil
via Cutting Edge Stencils

Going into it I thought for sure that I would go for the trellis "Rabat Allover" pattern as it is hot, hot, hot right now.  I then realized that it may be out, out, out in 6 months.  :(  But I didn't care, it just may be too small of a pattern for the large wall I'd be stenciling.  I also have a long time love affair with damask and it is more of a timeless pattern ( I hope!)  

So, even though I drool over the trellis pattern I went with the Anna Damask instead.  I chose it for the an accent wall behind our bed in our master bedroom.  Although I love it, I thought the trellis pattern would be a little busier than I wanted for this large wall.

I did a shimmery paint color that is a little lighter than my wall color.  I am loving how it turned out!

Depending on how how the light hits it greatly varies the look...

Looking shimmery in this one.

Not so shimmery in this one.

What do you think?? 
I   L. O.  V.  E.  LOVE IT!! :)

I have 2 more strips of stenciling to go and then have to do the ceiling edge (I'll explain more on that in my tutorial) but I'm really close to being done!

When I'm finished I'll post a detailed tutorial with my paint colors and give you some tips that I've figured out along the way.  The huge stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils along with the stencil level they provided have really made it a pretty easy job.  They also have a video on You Tube HERE demonstrating the proper technique.  I was worried I'd mess up somewhere and start going crooked but not at all, the stencil level makes it fool proof for the most part. :) 

Now, the giveaway!

I'm so excited that Cutting Edge Stencils has so generously given me $50 store credit to give away to one lucky reader.

Here's how to enter:
Leave a separate comment for each entry.  There are 5 chances!
1.  Go to Cutting Edge Stencils and tell me which stencil you'd choose if you win. (Mandatory)
2.  Like Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook
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This giveaway will close at 12:00 AM CST on Tuesday, August 16th and the winner will be chosen by

Good Luck!!!

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Here to Stay or On the Way {Out}: French Script

Happy Weekend, friends! 

Today I'm stenciling my bedroom (hint hint) preparing for a fab surprise giveaway coming up Monday.  I needed a quick break so I thought I'd do a fun little survey.  (Are surveys ever fun??) 

Anywho, as a lover of decor and design I always find it interesting to see what trends last more than a year (or sometimes a season).  I like to use my "decorative intuition" to guess these things as I see new trends appearing or hanging around. 

I thought it might be fun to do a survey (again, fun survey = oxymoron) called "Here to Stay or On the Way {Out}" once a month or so to see what my bloggy decorating peeps think.  

What say you? 

Fun or Dumb?

Ok, don't tell me if you think this is a dumb idea, just don't take the survey and when no one responds I'll get it that it's dumb. Thank you.

So, the first (and maybe the last) "Here to Stay or On the Way (Out)" survey will be for decorating trend French Script.

I decided not to tell you what my answer to the survey is because I don't want to sway your opinion and the results of my very scientific and fun survey.

Here are some examples for you to check out before you take the super fun one question survey at the top of this post. :)

Hand-painted French Script Table:

Via Red Hen Home

Chandelier light shades from Ballard Designs.
Chandelier Shade - Document Brown
via Ballard Designs

French Script Chair

via Niemen Marcus 

French Script Throw Pillow

Beautiful Decorative Pillow Cover--18x18--Designer Fabric--Throw Pillow--Accent Pillow--Chocolate Brown  Script on  Natural Background -
via the cottage cupboard on Etsy

Rectangular Tufted Scripted Ottoman
via Bella Maison Francaise

via Niemen Marcus

via Ballard Designs
 What does all this French Script say anyway??  Besides "amore" it could be a bunch of curse words for all I know. :) 

Ok, time for my "fun" survey!!  :)  Please feel free to comment as to why you feel the way you do about French Script.  I'd love to hear all about it!

Flaunt it Friday 65!

Wow!  Another week of summer has flown by and it's already time to party!

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Time to party!

The Perfect Upholstered Headboard

They're coming to take my bed away today!  Woot! Woot!

Yes, you can read all about my broken bed and why I'm glad it broke HERE.

But now comes the pressure of making an upholstered headboard.  Yikes!

But really, there's no pressure.  I just don't want it to look like I made it myself.  This is where my old  frienemy perfectionism gets me (read about her HERE).  I don't want to start because I might screw it up and then what?!

Then I start over, then I buy a bed with the money from the old bed?  Who cares.  Ain't no thang! :) 

I'm not going to let my frienemy perfectionism slow me down, she can kiss it!

Once my broken bed is gone it's going to drive me completely nuts not to have a bed.  It's going to look very college apartment-ish, only a lot bigger of a room and a king size bed.  Ick.

So I am going to get started now!

I have read all the tutorials about DIY upholstered headboards, I've seen pictures of good ones and bad ones ones that look homemade.

I've got everything figured out (I think, but yeah right) except the shape.

Do I go for the easier to do and classic square shape with nail head trim?  Something like this (but no footboard initially)...
Or, do I go for an elegant slightly curved look similar to this...

I also really like this...

All that nailhead trim makes me kinda nervous though...

Or maybe an even curvier one like this...

 Ok, maybe not that one.  Too curvy makes me nervous too.

What about tufted?? 

Awesome, right?

But no way Jose.  The tufts give me a heart attack just thinking about trying to get them all straight, evenly spaced, looking right. 

Geesh!  That could go really bad really fast.

So, which one do you guys like the best??  Have you made an upholstered headboard?  Any secret tips for me?? 

PS:  Next Monday I'll be announcing a big and fun giveaway!! 

PPS:  Check out my new best of on The Besties here!


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