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A Great Sale and a Valentine find...

Hi friends!  For those of you that have Gordman's stores in your area, they currently have 50% off of their clearance prices.  Our store still had a pretty decent selection.  I was able to buy 11 items for less than $25 and I had a $25 gift card!  I got some really cute stuff.  I should mention that I did get 3 Christmas items that were 75% off but still- 11 things!

Check out this Valentine's sign, it was really scratched up and I got it for $1.50. 

I took a black marker around the edges to get rid of all the white.  I then took a fine tip black pen to fill in the scratches on the front, then used a paper towel to wipe off excess ink and lighten it up so it doesn't look like dark black lines running through it.  I think it turned out pretty good for a buck fifty!  Now, where to put it...

Check out this cute little birdcage I got for 4 measley dollars...  four bucks!?  It was originally $30.  Isn't it cute!?  It's definitely one of those things that my sweet hubby will look at and say "what the heck is that thing... is that a fake bird?!" but I think it is darling.  It just looks like spring. I haven't decided on a permanent spot for it but I think I'll put it out with my Easter stuff for sure.

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  1. Great finds. I love the sign, and your patch up is perfect. Heck, the board has to be worth 1.50! And I have a weakness for birdcages, so that is a really sweet bargain to me. No Gordman's here (sniff). Looks like they were having a great sale. Have a great week. Kathy

  2. Great finds, I've never heard of that store must not be around me.
    Lucky you

  3. Kate we don't have that store but it sounds so wonderful! You found some precious and great deals. Love the "LOVE" sign. *Smiles*

  4. You did good, girl! Love those finds. I always says that we have to look at something not for what it is but what it can become. I don't know where I heard that but it stuck in my brain.

  5. Well darn, I'm sorry none of you girls have Gordman's. :( It's a great store but it ain't no TJ Maxx! LOL Thanks for the nice comments. :)

  6. Oh my... I went TOTALLY NUTS at Gordman's last week! I got a ton of great stuff all for under $40!

    I just came across your blog through TDC and have really enjoyed it! Great job!

  7. I love the bird cage that you bought! Great find. And I would have never picked up the Love sign because of the scratches but now I just may be inclined to do that after seeing your little transformation with an ink pen.

    p.s. we had a gorman's in OK but I am not sure that I have one nearby now that we are in GA.

  8. Oh I love that sign and i REALLY like that birdcage! I have never seen a gordmans around here but now ill have to look it up and see where the closest one is! Great finds!


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