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Paint Color Consults

Hey friends!

I am so excited to share my new online design service with you!

I can help you!

I tell everyone that asks my decorating advice that painting is the cheapest and easiest way to make a huge impact on the look of your home.

But, you MUST choose the right color.  If you don't it's going to cost you money and time (and to many folks time is money!)  Money on wasted paint and time painting the wrong color and then having to paint it all over again (maybe more than once!)

Or maybe you are paying someone to paint.  Goodness knows you sure as heck don't want to pay someone to paint and then realize that the color is horrible and all that money is wasted and you're going to have to pay to repaint the same room(s).

Aww man!! What a waste of time and money!

I have seen this happen time and time again. 

Along with Interior Decorating, I have been doing Paint Color Consultations for almost 10 years.  A painting company contracted with me for several years to do their in-home paint color consultations.

You guys, I've done hundreds of paint color consultations and you wouldn't believe how many times the clients had just painted a room(s) in their house and hated the color they chose.  They were sick of painting so hired the paint company I worked for to come in and repaint everything they had just painted!

They were paying somebody to cover up everything they had just done!  So much time and money wasted all because of bad paint color choices, yikes!

Having a paint color consultation with a professional would have saved them so much time and money.

So why wouldn't you have a professional paint color consultation before you paint??

If you're still not sure you want to pay for a paint color consultation you might be thinking...

    1."I don't need a Paint Color Consultation, I can just look at Pinterest and figure it out."

Seems like a legit plan, right?

It's a good idea in theory but it DOES NOT WORK for paint colors. Screens are dirty little liars when it comes to showing true colors.

A color may look perfect on your screen but all wrong in your house.

I tell people that using Pinterest to pick out paint colors is sorta like the Russian Roulette of choosing paint colors.

You might get lucky or you might shoot your house with a crappy paint color. Ha!

There are a lot of pins on Pinterest claiming "Perfect Paint Colors" and "My Favorite Gray Paints" and "Best Farmhouse Paint Colors" and on and on. But friends, some of these pins are completely wrong and give bad advice. I've seen so many bad paint advice pins out there it's not even funny.  Think about it, no one is policing Pinterest, it's like the wild west of decorating, DIY, crafts, recipes, etc., some advice is very good and some is very bad! (I mean really, haven't you seen like a million "Pinterest Fails" on the internet?

Anyway, a quick story about a huge Pinterest paint color fail that happened in real life.  One of my interior decorating clients painted her entire house a "gray" she found on Pinterest that was completely LAVENDER.

This poor girl paid $5000 to paint her entire interior lavender!

Oh my goodness, I died a little inside after she told me that.

She told me she didn't love it but couldn't afford to re-do it.

So there you go, a $5000 Pinterest paint color fail that she was going to have to live with for several years to come. :(

    2. "I'll choose my paint color carefully from some paint store swatches."

This one gets people completely OVERWHELMED.  I've gone to many clients houses that have at least a hundred color swatches laid out all over their kitchen table or taped to the wall. They have NO IDEA which one will work.

How long have they been looking at these paint swatches?




They can't make a decision.

And, seriously, how could you when you have 100 or even just 50 or 25 colors to choose from?

Take the guesswork, time and wasted money out of it and get a professional paint color consultation from me!

For $50 I will help you pick a paint color for up to two rooms in your home.  All you have to do is send me a couple phone pics of the rooms you are painting and let me know if you have a color tone that you are considering. 

With my paint color consult you'll also get my tips on using paint samples the right way to make sure the color is right for you.  The price includes at least two paint colors to choose from per room. If you are not happy with the first round I will send send you an additional two colors to choose from. Additional rooms can be added for the discounted price, the more rooms you add the better your discount. 

Online Paint Color Consultation: $50
    -includes up to two rooms with at least two color options per       room
    -instructions to use paint samples the right way to make sure       you can see the true color
    -add third room for $15.00 extra
    -add third and fourth room for $25.00 extra
    -add third, fourth and fifth room for $32.00 extra
     (please contact me for pricing of more than five rooms)

Purchase a paint color consultation securely using the Paypal button below or feel free to email me with any questions at

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