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A little more Valentine's Day Decor...

Last week I showed you all my cool non-Christmasey looking Christmas items that I got at Hobby Lobby for 80% off and how I used some of it to make my cheap Valentine's Day wreath.   I also got a cute polka-dot candle and a shiny red candle ring to go with it which I thought would be a cute centerpiece for my kitchen table. 

Here are the non-Christmasey Christmas items:

The shiny red candle ring circle ended up being too wide for the polka-dot candle (I should've noticed that at the store... duh.) so I ended up using it at the base of the pedastal to add some width- I wasn't sold on that when I first did it but now I kinda like it! I took some beads that I didn't use on my wreath and wrapped them around the base of the candle to fill the empty space on the pedastal top.  I already had the pedastal so this centerpiece was super cheap... $2 for the candle and beads and candle ring $1 each. 

I have 2 decorative glass canisters that sit in my kitchen year round, I put candy canes in them for Christmas and I thought I would fill them with candy conversation hearts for Valentine's Day... until I realized how many bags it would take to fill them- maybe about 8, and no one in my family even likes to eat those little hearts.  So, my cute idea is a little too expensive to just throw them out after a couple weeks.  Boo. 

What to do... I couldn't just leave them there empty but I didn't want to buy $20 worth of candy hearts just for looks.  I looked in the bottom of my little "Valentine's Day Decorations" cardboard box and saw that I had one measly fabric heart napkin and one matching heart kitchen towel that I got on clearance years ago.   I decided to stick them in the jars to see how they looked, not bad but maybe not as cute as my little conversation hearts.  Oh well, the price was right.  What do you think bloggy-land friends??

After Valentine's Day I might pick up some different fabric that match the rest of my Valentine's decor a little better.  You could try this too if you have any decorative glass containers around.  You could just buy a little bit of Valentine's themed fabric and it would probably be super cheap!

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  1. Cute stuff!

    Saying HI from SITS!

  2. Great idea with the fabric and napkins...I have two dishtowels that I might do the SAME thing with :)

    You can see my DIY project here...

    It's definitely on a shoestring budget :)

  3. Love the fabric idea! I was out browsing Valentine's stuff yesterday at Michaels and just couldn't make up my mind on anything. No creative thoughts anywhere but I did think about stopping by Joanns to look at fabric.

    Shoulda woulda coulda. Today.

  4. What cute ideas! I love the candle centerpiece. Too cute!

  5. Why isn't this on Pinterest!?! I just pinned you! :)


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