Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Whatcha' think of my kitchen cabinet tops??

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Whatcha' think of my kitchen cabinet tops??

My kitchen cabinets are finished! I was able to use things I had around the house and ended up just using 2 of my 80% Hobby Lobby finds. Several of the things I got were just a tiny bit too tall. But don't worry, I'll find someplace else for them.

Sorry the pictures are a little dark.... the sun has been MIA for a while in my neck of the woods. :(

I am so happy to be able to show off my little pitcher collection.

I am very happy with how this turned out, it makes my kitchen feel so much cozier.  It's funny how little touches make such a big difference in the feel of a room. 

So, whatcha' think??  I love your comments!!!

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  1. looks great!
    i love the placement of everything! it really flows nicely!
    i really love the pitchers and the way you have all the other textures added ~ now that you are finished at your house... when will you be here to do mine :)

    many blessings

  2. I love your cabinets, they're beautiful! And I love the 80% Hobby Lobby finds you decorated them with! That's the first aisle I go to at H.L.! What color/brand did you use for your cabinets? I'm debating painting my cabinets too! ~Marcy

  3. I think they look lovely! Great job! Also, I love your blog layout/background! = )

  4. Looks great! ♥ the bird and grasses on the single cupboard...very cool.

  5. What a cute kitchen!! I really like your cabinets and I especially like what you have done above them. Very well done! Great job :)

  6. Wow let's go shopping girlfriend, you do a great job. The cabinet's look fab.
    Love, Debbie

  7. Serioulsy Katie, you are so talented! Your home looks amazing! The boys are really growing too! Miss you!!!

  8. It looks terrific!

    Hobby Lobby is a great place. I was just on vacation and was near one. In light of all I've heard in blog land, I just had to go in. If it's on sale, it's usually a deal!

    - The Tablescaper

  9. I think it looks great. I have a few white pitchers in my laundry room. Love them.

    I followed you here from Met Monday - been a busy week! lol I hope you'll swing by AtticMag and tour my home; Alabama Stone Cottage Tour.


  10. I love how that looks. I too have just a small amount of space at the top of my cabinets and have never accessorized them.

  11. Love the end result! Love those pitchers!!

  12. Love the top of your cabinets...great ideas for when I do mine, thanks for sharing!



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