Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Chasing a Decorating Dream... Starting a Business!

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Chasing a Decorating Dream... Starting a Business!

For several years I have been decorating and redecorating my own home on the cheap and have helped many friends and family do the same.  I loved every minute of it.  I constantly had people tell me that I should go into business and that I'm a regular old "Martha Stewart"... yeah, I'm not even close to domestic goddess Martha but what a nice compliment! :)

I've been thinking/dreaming/hoping/praying about starting a decorating business for quite some time.  I've never acted as it never has seemed to be the right time. But what is the "right" time?  Anyone that ever considers taking a risk can always come up with a million reasons why they shouldn't do it now.  I've finally decided that now is the time.  What do I have to lose?  Nothing (maybe some pride if I'm a miserable failure :)... but there is SO much to gain.  So here I am, chasing that dream.

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating is becoming a business!  Now please don't "un-follow" me because you think I'll be posting everyday about trying to sell you on my fabulous new services.  My blog actually isn't going to change much at all.  I've added a "Decorating Service" tab to the top where you can check out what I offer and I'll probably be sharing some before and after photos from some of my clients but that's about it.  So please don't go but just give me this next little ditty to tell you what I'm so excited to be offering.

On-line Room Redecorate Consultation: Here's how it works. A room (or several) in your house has been driving you nuts but you can't really figure out what else to do with it. That's where I come in... send me a few pictures of the room. Tell me what you don't like about it and if there is anything you do like.

For $25 I will email you a plan of attack suggesting furniture placement, window treatments, paint color, wall art placement, and accessories using things you already have. If you are looking to buy some new accessories I will email you pictures of product suggestions from budget friendly stores (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) or websites.

Add Personal Shopping: You really want a whole new look and are willing to spend a little more money. We can discuss your shopping budget. I will find and purchase the accessories that you need within your budget and will send you detailed photos. After your approval, I will ship them to you. I charge $15 an hour for shopping (average 2 hours for one room) and you pay for the items (that I promise will be great deals!) plus shipping.

If you live in my area (central Illinois) I offer these in-home services:

In Home Decorating Consultations: I would love to come into your home and help you re-decorate on a shoestring budget. This will include suggestions on furniture arrangement, wall decor placement, accessories, paint color, and window treatments. $30 (discount for additional rooms)

Add Personal Shopping to your In Home Decorating Consultation: You really want a whole new look and are willing to spend a little more money. We can discuss your shopping budget. I will find and purchase the accessories that you need within your budget and bring them to your home at your convenience. I will arrange the items in your home and you purchase the items you wish to keep from me. $15 an hour, average 2 hours for one room. Multiple room discount available.

Home Staging: Getting ready to sell? Currently it is a buyer's market so make sure your home looks its very best with a home-staging consultation.

We'll go room by room and I'll advise you on de-cluttering, furniture placement to show optimum space, wall decor rearrangement or placement, accessory placement and paint color (if necessary).

Often it becomes difficult for a homeowner to see their home through a potential buyer's eyes as they are so used to the way their home looks. It helps for someone (like me!) to come in and suggest "if you move your sofa to the other wall it will really open up this space". You will receive a to-do check list via e-mail after my consultation. $50

*Prices subject to change without notice

So there it is!  As always, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services. :)


  1. How exciting for you! What a great service! If you'd like to incorporate your business, look up! :)

  2. Good luck! I am in the same boat right now... Have tons of people encouraging me to write a book, but I am so not a writer, and can think of a million reasons why not, or how I might fail.
    I heard a great quote, "this is your time. When you are given the oppurtunity to pursue a dream, it's your time. There is no other time than now. Don't let your "should I?" turn into "should have."
    Good for you!

  3. Congratulations on your new venture! The hardest step to take is to decide to take something you love to do and that you would gladly do for free and put a price on it!

    And I love All Doll(ed) Up's quote! Especially the "it's your time" part. Always remember your time is very valuable so you might as well use it doing something you love!

  4. Thanks for all the well wishes! Love your quote "All Doll(ed) Up". It is so true!! You should pursue writing, even if you think you're not a writer, the people who are telling you to do it must see your talent... what do you have to lose?

    Thanks everyone! :)

  5. What a great idea. Some of us have it and some don't and I need help....will get in touch!


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