Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Flaunt It Friday #2

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Flaunt It Friday #2

It's already time for Flaunt It Friday #2!! 

Thanks so much to everyone for joining me last week on a busy Easter weekend for my first ever party!  I loved looking at all of your creative posts, I enjoyed every one!

It was hard to choose but the post I'd like to feature was done by Stephanie over at Decorating Addiction.  She recently completed a big part of a bathroom renovation and it turned out just beautiful.  She said she was inspired by some fancy hotels and her new bath could pass for one!  Love it Stephanie, nice job!


  1. Hi Kate! There's a little surprise for you at my blog today - you should come check it out when you have a minute. Hopefully it will also bring some more links to your linky party :)

  2. Found you via A Chir
    p in the Forest, great blog!

  3. First time here and I linked up!!!!!

  4. I could have swore I linked to this party but I guess I didn't. :(


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