Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: My Picasso and his first masterpiece, our Sofa

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My Picasso and his first masterpiece, our Sofa

A while back I got a sweet opportunity to team up with CSN stores to do a review for them.  Honestly, at the time I received the email I had never even heard of them.  I checked out their websites and was blown away by the absolutetly HUGE selection of products, over 200 websites!!  They have everything from a sleeper sofa to an outdoor umbrella.  Lamps, mirrors, home decor... they have it all. 

I did a lot of looking at their sofa store because recently, I found out I have a little Picasso on my hands.

Yes, that is marker all over the couch.  No, it is not washable marker.  :(

Don't think I'm a unattentive parent, I was literally 5 feet away while he was doing this... just on the wrong side of the couch, could see his head but not his art in the making.

I'm not having much luck getting it out.  I've tried rubbing alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, and a few fabric spot cleaners.  Rubbing alcohol worked but kind of faded the fabric and didn't completely fade the stain.  Any suggestions?? 

So, I might be in the market for a new sofa and found that the CSN Sleeper Sofa store has reasonable prices. 

Please let me know about your secret stain removers, I need your help! 


  1. Try Pantene hairspray. Spray it on then rub with an old toothbrush. It gets ink out of clothes so it may work on the couch.

  2. Thanks for the advice. It didn't work darn it. I know it does work great on ink, just not marker apparently. :(

  3. Have you tried nail polish remover? I've used it to get stains out of the carpet, maybe it will work on your couch?

  4. I get this stuff called Lift Off at Home Depot that I have used to get nail polish out of carpet, marker (sharpie) out of my sofas and just about any other stain you can imagine. The stuff stinks but it works. Might give that a try. It's in the paint department. I have had no problems with it fading the color either. Good luck!

  5. So sorry about your couch! I have a piccaso too but luckily I have a microfiber sofa that EVERYTHING comes out of. That's what I was gonna recommend to you. Microfiber is DIE HARD! You can also get sets for super cheap. We paid 800.00 for our couch and loveseat set 3 years ago and it still looks almost brand new. We also have dogs that have been on them and they still look amazing! Good luck!!

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  7. I agree with Kelsey - Microfiber. He is a great artist though:)

  8. Oh, no!
    I think microfiber is awesome, as well...especially while the kids are growing.
    My Picasso, Sarah, was 3 when she wrote garage sale prices in permanent ink on all the items in her bedroom, while she was supposed to be taking a nap. She had watched me price things all week-only I was writing on stickers!
    I feel your pain.
    Now put the markers WAY up high! ;)

  9. Kate, this happens to the best of us! My daughter wrote on my cream leather couch many years ago and alcohol and elbow grease took it off. I couldn't tell what your couch was made of...microfiber? Recently, we were in a similar dilemma with getting glue off our newly installed (diy) wood floors. I tried every solvent known to man without avail, but then used a *magic eraser* WITH solvent. So, try the least...rubbing alcohol, then work your way up to acetone. (For glue, I used goo gone ON a magic eraser, but that's a different remedy.) Try it on a hidden spot first, of course. For some reason, the magic eraser with the solvent was the trick.

  10. I have used a product called OUT in the pet section on pet stains. Then, I thought about marker and such. Well, my luck has it that it worked on my area carpet that has many dark colored squares with some lighter colors mixed in. The permanent marker came up and the color stayed. You can find it at (gasp) Wal-Mart or Family Dollar in their pet sections. There is also another product @ Lowe's that removes stains and smells like Eucalyptus. Hope this helps!

  11. I've just discovered white shipcovers! Love the look and love that they can be bleached!


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