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Vacuum envy...

What's your favorite chore?  Favorite chore?!  Isn't that an oxymoron??   Well, maybe I should rephrase it , what is your least hated chore?  Mine is vacuuming.  I actually kind of like to vacuum.  It makes the whole room look clean if the carpet has those nice neat vacuum lines in it.

Maybe it also has to do with it doesn't have to be done every day multiple times a day like dishes and laundry (which are my least favorite chores).  I don't know but either way, I'm down with vacuuming. :)

Unfortunately, I don't have very good luck with vacuums.  I've had lots of them... 5 in the past 10 years.  The first three had untimely deaths, I still have #4 and 5.  #4 ended up becoming our basement vacuum because it's lost a lot of it's suction, plus it has a very dusty canister that the dust clings to so makes a huge mess when I empty it- but it's good enough for the basement.

Currently, vacuum #5 has that lovely burning rubber smell  that it leaves all over the house after vacuuming. 

Nothing says this house is clean like the fresh smell of burning rubber. ;)

#5 needs a new belt even though it just got a new belt, it has chronic-belt-burning-itis thanks to our new carpet. We put in thick frieze (you know, the new fancy word for shag carpet) in the house when we moved in last summer and it is just too long for good ol' #5 to handle. 

Even at it's highest setting it sucks up the carpet like it's a rug and starts burning up the belt.  I have to vacuum really fast in order to keep the burning to a minimum.  You know what this means?... I don't vacuum as often as I should because it just too darn hard!  My arm is aching with a terrible tennis-elbow-carpal-tunnelish feeling by the time I'm done and I'm not exaggerating. 

Woe is me and my awful tortureous (and stinky) vacuum #5.

I have secretly been envious of Dyson owners for quite some time.  Even though I think I could really benefit from owning an almighty Dyson I would never, ever, not ever pay $400 plus for a vacuum.  I've never even considered buying one because of the crazy price tag.   

A few weeks ago all that changed.  I was in Tuesday Mornings (a TJ Maxx type of place but not as good) and there in the back of the store was a Dyson and I could see a clearance tag on it!  I was SO disappointed when I saw the price, $249.  It was a pretty good deal for a Dyson but not for Ms. Chic on a Shoestring. 

About 10 days later I got an ad in the mail from Tuesday Mornings that all clearance items would be half off starting the upcoming Friday.  So, Thursday before the sale I went and checked on "my Dyson" which I was sure someone else had purchased but and it was still there!  They wouldn't put it on hold so I said I'd be back when they opened. 

So, like one of those crazy people at Christmas time, I got there 20 minutes before they opened and stood in front of the door.  About 20 people lined up behind me.  I was the first one in and got the Dyson for $125!  I had a $5 coupon and a $65 gift card so it only cost me about $60 with tax!!!  $60 for a Dyson!?  This is definitely in my top 10 of sweet deal finds, ever! 

I was like a little kid on Christmas morning... I opened the box and just tossed everything everywhere then ran to test out my new toy!  It runs like a dream... no more tennis elbow or stinky rubber smell!

So pretty!!  Check out all that dirt in the canister!!  I just vacuumed last week,  I don't think ol' #5 was really doing a good job anymore (obviously!)

This new one really sucks!!!  (I had to say it, I couldn't help myself)


  1. LOL your post cracked me up. I own a Dyson (the original yellow one) and we've had it for about 3 years now. It still runs like a dream and sucks up everything we tell it to. I don't plan on buying a new vacuum ever! Glad you got such a great deal...wish I could say the same about ours! lol

  2. What a great deal catcher your are! I own a Dyson as well. Mom and Dad got both Sandra and I one for Christmas. I really love it! No complaints yet on my end except that maybe it should run itself :) Vacuuming is not a favorite chore of mine.....

  3. I'm green with envy...want one so bad! What a great deal you got and I love gift cards!!!


  4. I'm holding out for a Miele. Have heard they work wonders and have metal parts instead of all that cheap plastic. It's on my list.

    (You certainly got a great deal!)

  5. hi kate! did you happen to get my email? I would love to see how you used your wreath too! congrats on the vacume. gotta love a good find!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a delight to wake up to your nice comment on my blog! And just from your first post I can tell we'll get along just great! I just got a Dyson last year. And I choked at the price tag too. But it has a warranty, and when we added up the price of the cheap ones we kept going was actually cheaper to cough it up for the Dyson. So that's when my Dyson and I fell in love. You will love it!

  7. I have 2 Dysons (one is for my basement) and I just LOVE them!!! I used to go through about 1 vacuum per year because I do vacuum daily and sometimes twice a day. Congrats on your new vacuum!

  8. I've had the animal Dyson for about 5 or 6 years! Yes, we shelled out the big bucks, but we had so much dog hair!

    It works like a dream and I guess it's worth the money! I lovvvve vacuuming!

  9. That is fabulous! I LOVE a good sale and a 1/2 off sale?!?!? Yoo Hoo! Those are ones you have to share with the world! BTW so jealous.. my vacuum smells like fish :( LOL

  10. A-W-E-S-O-M-E Deal!! We have a Tuesday Morning where I live and I ALWAYS forget about the store. My husband and I actually went in there last Sunday (woo hoo, they are open on Sundays) and I remembered what was so wonderful about that store!

  11. OMG!That is soo awesome. I am incredibly jealous. I wouldn't say I love vaccuuming, but I love using it to clean. If that makes sense:)great blog! check me out

  12. You know what, vacuuming is the house chore I hate the most. I'm a bit blessed with height, so the posture that I need to adopt while vacuuming makes me uncomfortable. At the end of the day, I get a really awful backache! That's why I leave that chore to Long Island carpet cleaners. They're very convenient because it only takes one call for your whole house, including those stubborn carpets and rugs, to get cleaned. But what I like the most about the carpet cleaning services in Long Island is that the drying doesn't take too long. Thank God for them! I don't have to do the vacuuming myself ever again.


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