Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: 95% OFF!! Yes, I said 95% off!

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95% OFF!! Yes, I said 95% off!

If you've ever read my informative and lovely (wink, wink ;) blog you'll probably recall that I love a sweet deal.  They make my heart go pitter-patter. 

One of my favorite sports (yes, I consider shopping a competitive sport) is waiting out a sale.  You know, finding something on the clearance rack and then waiting until it is marked down a little more, then a little more, until it hits that magic price you want to pay. 

Maybe it's 20 bucks, maybe it's 75% off, whatever the magic number that is in your head... and if you score it for that magic number price... you, my friend- are a winner.

I love to play "the game" at Hobby Lobby.  Every 2 months or so they mark a huge group of accessories down to 66% off.  This is the time to get the item that you do not want to miss and are willing to pay a little more for, because it will sell if you don't.   A few weeks later they mark down again to 80% off, this is when I do most of my shopping. 

Finally, they end up marking down to 90% off.  I have never hit this sale at the right time, whenever I come across it the 90% off area is a small rack of cowboy boot shaped book-ends (most of them chipped or broken) or something equally hideous.
This time I happened across Hobby Lobby the day they started the 90% off sale... SUHWEET!!  They had a huge selection of non-cowboy-boot-shaped good stuff!

But I had my eye on something already... my game piece was a picture frame.  Umm... yes, a picture frame. 

I know what you're thinking... a picture frame?  You can get a pretty decent picture frame at the dollar store. 

But trust me, it's a really awesome picture frame.  It is a large (16 x 20), beautiful, thick, expensive looking wood frame that came from their framing department, a cancelled order most likely.  And I already have the perfect picture for it... 

Anywho, the original price was $225!  (For an empty frame?!)  Don't get me wrong, it's a really nice frame but not worth $225 in my chic on a shoestring opinion. 

It was marked  80% off, down to $45 when I found it.  I'm too cheap frugal for that much...  so the game begins. 

I waited and waited and waited.  The stuff is 80% off for several weeks, each time I went back it was still there but still hadn't hit my "magic number" price of 90% off. 

Finally, I walked in to the 90% off sale and literally squeeled with joy.  I headed to the frames to score my deal and it was gone! GONE! 

Oh man... I let the game get me this time.  Dang it!  I'm a sore loser... I started questioning my game strategy, maybe I should have bought it at 80% off, I really wanted it more than I thought I did!

Nah.  $45 was too much for an empty frame.

I put my game face back on and happily went through and picked up a few things 90% off.

Like this lovely for $2.50...

The top of the lid is broken off but it is for the middle shelf of a buffet so it won't be seen. :)

I got some more really great stuff but I'll share them at a later date...

In the check out lane I was lamenting to the cashier that I didn't get my frame... woe is me.  She then started wrapping all my breakables so as I was waiting I started checking out the furniture shelves around me.

Suddenly the clouds parted and a ray of sun from the heavens shined down directly on my frame!! There it was across the room... it was leaning on a piece of furniture on a shelf near the door.  The cashier said that is where they stick stuff that people bring to the register but end up not buying it.  Whew... that was close! 

I got my frame and won the game!!  And to make me the super grand champion...the frame rang up for even cheaper than I expected... $13.00!  95% off!!!  Woot  Woot!!!!

Here it is...

                          The photo doesn't really do it justice of how really nice it is...
It's about 4.5 inches wide!
Nice detailing
It's 3.5 inches thick and heavy!  I just love it!

Do any of you bloggy friends ever play "the game"? 

Sometimes you lose when your item sells before it hits your magic price...  but isn't it wonderful when you win?! 

Especially 95% off! 

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  1. Yes I love to play "the game" at Hobby Lobby. Went the other day and I was too late....

    That is a GREAT frame. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  2. I just did a post about HL and what I got for 80% off but I didn't see anything I wanted even at 95%!!!! Love your frame! I found a couple rooster items! I like to play that game with clothing because it is outrageous what they charge for clothes!! Stop by for my giveaway if you get a chance!!

  3. Wow, you really scored with everything, love the frame and I agree $45.00 was to much for an empty frame. Love the jar bad we don't have HL's in Pa.


  4. I am so glad you got it. That is an amazing deal and I love the details of it. Usually when I buy a picture I have to like the frame.

  5. You are sooooo cute! I am so glad that you got your deserve it for playing so well;)! I love your other treasures too!


  6. AWESOME story!! I was biting my nails right up until the end to see if you would get it!! I'm so happy for you!! And SAD for me that I don't live near a Hobby Lobby!!

  7. I get too antsy to wait that long for something I can't live without!! I should practice more patience like you - good job!

  8. I do that at most stores I frequent! I love going into Target after they have marked stuff down. That little red tag is like a magnet and I am drawn to it! I am so excited because they are finally bringing HL to Nevada and it is down the street from me! eeeeek! I am so excited!

  9. Know what my husband says when I buy stuff on sale? Was it free?
    No. It was on SALE!
    That doesn't make it free.
    I hate it when he does that. It makes me crazy pants!

    I might be able to swing the $13 frame. That's darn near free. Yay you!

    One time I got a pair of dress pants at Old Navy for $0.69. That's right, not a typo. I told the cashier that they might as well pay me to take them off their hands. But she wasn't a real funny gal, and she didn't even smile. I still have the receipt. Just to prove it's true!!

  10. I'm learning to wait. I used to buy when I first saw something I liked but I'm learning... You found some really cute items and I LOVE Hobby Lobby!


  11. Oh girl! I LOVE the game & Hobby Lobby. Everything they sell goes on a rotation of frequent sales so you pretty much never pay full price for stuff which of course being a barganista I love! Thanks for linking up to Fabulous Friday but please make sure you grab our button or link back to us! Thanks.

  12. Great buys indeed! Hearing someone get one is just as wonderful as getting one myself. :-)

  13. I love all your goodies!!! I'm cheap like that too!!!!

  14. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby store to play the "game"in. Great finds. I really love the jar with the silver lid (and of course the frame!)

  15. I love my Hobby Lobby, but I normally can't chance it - if it's something I want I go for it at 80% off. Never for any less than that though. I did stop by last week when they had some stuff left in the 90% pile - by then things were just thrown willy nilly in the aisle and it was sort of a treasure hunt, but I did pick up a few things that were just too cheap not to buy.

  16. I've played the game for years and think I have only won once or twice at the most.
    That frame was meant for you. Others may order it, pick it up and carry it about, but it was not leaving the store with anyone else.

  17. I love a good bargain, But I can't play the wait it out sale game, mostly because I work and everythings gone by the time I GET THERE.

  18. Your post had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Fantastic frame and you other finds were pretty nice too.

  19. Game - set - match! Perseverance pays off.

  20. I always have fun between the 75-90% off days, too....They have wonderful decorating pieces that just add that "special" touch!!

  21. I'm with you. HL's clearance sales are great! I got some awesome frames there that I used in a project too!

  22. I can't believe your post! First of all, if you have a second to hop over to my blog you'll crack looks just like yours...same back ground and follow button.

    Secondly, the frame you scored on....I have three of them in my house! I certainly did NOT get any sort of deals on them by any means. Just about everything we have was either my grandmother's or from garage sales, etc. but there are FEW things we have splurged on. There's an artist we LOVE and we were able to choose the frames for the paintings and we ALWAYS choose this frame. It comes in different sizes, our largest is over 6 inches thick. I LOVE this style of frame. It looks like we have a bit in common! I only wish we had Hobby Lobby out here!

    Have a super day!



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