Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: New Bedding for the King

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New Bedding for the King

We got our new mattress!!!  Woot Woot!!  No more sleepless nights and aching backs!  (picture me doing the happy dance right here)

You can read about my 4 mattress' in 12 months saga here

#4 was delivered last Saturday.  With #4 we decided to upgrade from a queen size to a king and get a completely different style mattress.  I. LOVE. IT.  There is SO much more room to stretch out without feeling like I'm hogging the bed.  And when hub's is hogging, I don't have to hang any of my extremities off the side, awesome!

When I got married almost 10 years ago I remember my sweet Mamaw telling me, "Oh honey, I know you love each other so much and like to be close to each other but believe me, you'll want that extra space in your bed so get a king if you can."  A wise woman indeed. :)

We sold our Queen sleigh bed for asking price within the first week we listed it.... Woo Hoo!!  I got more for it than I expected (no one ever offers full price but this guy did, sweet!)  I was able to order a king sleigh bed for just a little more than I made off of our old one. 

I seriously considered making my own headboard like I've seen so many other crafty bloggers do but I really love a sleigh bed, I feel like it makes my room.  And honestly, I was just a little scared of what my first attempt at a headboard would look like.  So, pictures to come of the new sleigh when it arrives...

I really loved my old bedding and probably would have bought the same comforter but it's no longer available.  I've been obsessing looking over the past week to no avail.  I purchased not one, but 4 bedding sets last week... seriously, 4.... am I a crazy person??   

They are all going back.  In some circles I am known as the "Queen of Returns".  Very impressive, I know. ;)

My room is done in beige and brown tones with ice blue accents.  I needed to stay in those tones to match the decor already in there because I like it (and it's only a year old) or I would've changed it up.

My champagne tastes never let me down... I found some beautiful comforters for about $500 (no shams included) but the old beer budget laughed in my face. 

I ordered this lovely and expensive comforter on clearance, it had been $500 but I got it for much, much less.  I only purchased the blue comforter and shams and planned to mix it with the brown I already had.

Sadly, It looked terrible, the blue was all wrong, looked like a shiny electric blue bad 1980's prom dress.  I would've taken a picture but it was too embarassing, seriously.

I then got this set... sorry about the terrible picture.

After I got it home I didn't even take it out of the package because the color looked sage green in the lighting of my room.  I also decided the pattern looked too old fashioned, kind of like an old tin ceiling pattern which normally I like but just didn't go with my more modern decor.

Then I got this one which has even a worse picture...

Despite the picture it was actually pretty and really nice quality.  The leaves are in shades of ice blue but the whole thing was just too white, the pretty pattern only was on the bottom and one side, it looks like more because the bed pictured is a queen, the leaves only covered a quarter it on the king :( .  The bottom leaves will be covered by my footboard and doesn't it look like it's just screaming for a giant stain on it when one of my boys sneaks some food upstairs (most likely my hubby;)

I bought a plain tannish-gold one on a whim, (or maybe out of desperation) because it is really good quality and was pretty cheap at TJ's,  I thought I could dress up the neutral color.  It ended up being a little too gold-ish and totally boring. 

I just ordered one on-line (so now 5 in one week!) and I'm crossing my fingers that this one is it! 

So, do you bloggy friends obsess over things like this or am I really a crazy person for buying 5 bedding sets in 7 days?

I'd like to think it's the decorator and perfectionist in me that makes me unable to settle for some thing that looks just average and that I'm not really a crazy person.... ok, maybe just a little crazy, but aren't we all? :)


  1. oh, no no, you are not alone with the queen of returns. mine have all been about the master bedroom too, with the same trouble with the icy blue. i have finally settled on two duvet covers. yes, two, b/c i missed the return date from being indecisive. luckily, one is cream and thus very versatile, so i am laying the other (silvery) across it. and it can easily be switched to the opposites. we'll see!

  2. Now that you are the official mattress expert, what kind did you decide on? Hubby and I have the same problem with our queen bed and mattress. Not enough room and my back hurts all the time. Hubby weighs almost twice as much as me and I feel like I'm constantly holding myself all night from rolling into him and his hole! Thanks for any advice! BTW, the bedding looks very pretty.

  3. You're not crazy for buying so many in a week. It something you'll have to look at every single night, and it will drive you crazy if it's not perfect (not restful at all!) Additionally, my mom is the queen of returns. To the point it was embarassing. I think the worst thing she returns is food. Opened cans of stuff, and even a cut up watermelon once. She returns things that are under $2. I wish I were joking.

  4. Yeah, sounds like me too. Especially: "I bought a plain tannish-gold one on a whim, (or maybe out of desperation) because it is really good quality and was pretty cheap at TJ's.... " good for you, though, for returning them. I've kept lots of things I shaould returned. I tried the ice blue accents, and I just couldn't get it right. Its a tricky color. Keep us posted on, hopefully, "the one"!

  5. Oh my! You're on a little bedding adventure. There's nothing wrong with it sista. You keep searching until you find that bedding that makes your heart sing and your wallet happy. The bed takes up so much of the room....if the bedding isn't right it messes up everything. That's why I just have a solid white quilt from Target. I could never find anything else that didn't cause me to cringe when I walked into the room. Good luck! Lisa~

  6. I applaud your persistence to find the Perfect bedding for your room.. I too went with a solid white quilted spread from Macy's, so i could change my wt's- bedskirt and pillows on a whim.
    I wish you the best of luck on your venture..


  7. Kate I understand and yes I have returned and obsessed over many a purchase in my time. I agree that the perfect bedspread is hard to find. I've had ours for over seven years now. Can you believe that? I never keep anything that long. It's made by Thomasville and it was $500 online and a good deal when I bought it on sale then. I remember really splurging on it big time. It is the heaviest and best made comforter set I have ever owned. It should be for that price. I still love it too. It's a neutral ivory with a heavy brocade and diamond design. The room is a Misty blue paint color with chocolate brown furniture and accents.

    Good luck with the newest purchase!
    ~Melissa :)

  8. Oh my Katie, you are so not alone in this! Our master bedroom is in serious need of a makeover, however b/c it's the master that bedroom and bathroom are the last on our "to do" list because no one really sees it except us. However I know the colors I like and ideas I have for it so I'm always looking for good deals so once we do get to it I'll have some stuff. I found a bedding set I really liked, that Brad did too (which is a rare occurence:)) and it was on sale, plus I had a coupon so I could have gotten it for much less then it's original price. I just couldn't pull the trigger. All of these what-if's went in my head. I find these decisions are much harder when you live in a house that you plan to be in for a long time and not just until the next "move" happens so you keep it neutral. I think it just never ends:)

  9. Hi,

    I am also having such a hard time finding the perfect bedding! If you can recall, can you please tell me where you got the white bedding with the blue leaves?

    Thank you!!!


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