Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: CSN Damask Rug

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CSN Damask Rug

Well friends, I have a confession to make...  like many of you fellow bloggers I was offered a $60 CSN gift card to giveaway or keep for doing a little advertising for CSN stores..... I decided to keep it! 

Ssssshhh!  Seriously, I think I'm the only one in the blogosphere that didn't give the CSN gift card away.

Ok, so I was feeling a little guilty about that whole better to give than to receive yada yada yada... until my rug showed up... then, I didn't care anymore.  Sorry!

I got this awesome and desperately needed rug for under my kitchen table and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Just un-rolled

You may remember how much I heart damask ( I can never get that little heart symbol to work!?)  I have these damask panels in my family room nearby and thankfully, they look great together!  This rug really pulls the two rooms together but the best part is... it hides a mess! 

One of my very first posts was about our new bamboo floors.  I love them but my biggest complaint about them was how bad they showed a mess... especially crumbs under the kiddos. 

Oops... this pic is a little overexposed... it was a beautiful sunny day!

This lovely rug hides so much of the mess.... LOOOOOVE it!

This rug is considered an indoor/outdoor rug and  I was nervous when ordering it that it would look too outdoor-ish but I don't think so at all. 

An indoor/outdoor rug is a great alternative to buying a traditional indoor rug.  You can usually get an outdoor rug for about half of what you'd pay for a traditional indoor rug of the same size. 

Since I was unable to see the rug in person before buying it I was worried that it would be cheaply made with the damask pattern screen printed on it.  Thankfully it's very well made, the pattern is weaved into it and the outdoor fabric is treated to resist stains and it really works!

We've had the rug for about 2 months now and have tested the stain resistance pretty much everyday. :)  We've had a plate full of ketchup covered  scrambled eggs dropped under the high chair (and splattered for about 2 feet in all directions) and it came right out with just water.   

The rug was reasonably priced at $118 for the high quality and had free shipping!  After my $60 gift card I only had to pay around $60 with tax.  Oh how I love a sweeeeeeet deal!

I did my research and while I could've found a cheaper indoor/outdoor rug at one of the big box stores, none of them had my glorious damask pattern and many of them were cheaply made... the kind that snag easily and just look cheap. 

If you're in the market for rug or just about anything else, try CSN stores.  They have been so generous to our blogging community and I'm happy to say that they offer quality products!

Don't forget to party with me starting late tonight... Flaunt it Friday is here again! :)


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! And don't feel guilty I kept one for myself too, and bought a rug for my little boy's room! Sometimes you have to pamper yourself too!

  2. Love it! Oh that's gorgeous. And don't feel bad at all!

  3. LOve the rug! Good for you for keeping the gc!

  4. I'd have kept it too...beautiful rug and it looks so nice with all of your decorating!

  5. Oooohhh Kate I love it! Amazing look for your dinette area. I meant to tell you I adored your new bedding as well.

    I'll be back for the party. Thank you for hosting it each week. ~Melissa :)

  6. It look gorgeous in your kitchen! Great choice!

  7. The rug looks great!It is perfect for your space~

  8. That rug is gorgeous! I don't blame you for wanting to keep it :)

  9. I love it! It looks fantastic! Can definitely understand you needing a rug there! Even without kiddos!

  10. I don't blame you one bit! The rug is gorgeous and doesn't look too outdoor at all. Great choice!!

  11. I would LOVE to know where you purchased your dining table. Any ideas?

  12. couldn't find the rug at you have any info on it? Trying to see if anyone else carries it.


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