Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Pottery Barn at Sam's Club??

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Pottery Barn at Sam's Club??

Do you ever get such a good deal on something that it makes you want to squeal in delight??  Or maybe jump up and down.  Or maybe pump your hands palm up in the air doing that old "raise the roof" move... maybe it's just me... if you've been reading my blog for a while now you know I'm kind of a deal loving dork. 

I had a squealing, jump up and down raise the roof good deal find at Sam's Club a while back that I've been meaning to share. 

The find was a surprisingly stylish buffet.  I had noticed it when it first arrived at Sam's and was around $550.  This was a reasonable price but was too much for the old Chic on a Shoestring Decorating budget... especially when I didn't really need it.  I had a dining room buffet already, mine was just a little too formal for me. 

While strolling through Sam's several months later "my" buffet was stuck in the clearance corner, it had a slight scuff on it (that is repairable) and had been marked down to $100!! 

What?!  Did I read that right?? 

Seriously, $100 bucks. 

All mine.  Score.  Squeal... jump up and down... raise the roof... sweeeeeet deal!

My dad and husband got stuck carrying this thing and couldn't believe how heavy it was... lots of huffing and puffing and maybe even some under their breath mumbling of words not appropriate for this blog ;)... a sure sign of a good quality piece of furniture.  (Sorry it was so heavy guys!)

So, maybe this sounds like a good deal to you but not a squeal... jump up and down... raise the roof type of deal. 

Here's the kicker...

The decorating rock star Pottery Barn sells the exact same buffet  for $1400!!! 

Above picture courtesy of Pottery Barn

Yes,I got a Pottery Barn-esque buffet at Sam's Club (of all places) for about 93% off the Pottery Barn price... 93% less!! 

To be sure and make an accurate comparison I inspected the Pottery Barn buffet in one of their stores.  I found that mine has a thicker wood top by more than a quarter of an inch, mine is almost 2 inches deeper, just slightly longer and honestly, mine seems to be higher quality.  I'm not knocking Pottery Barn or their quality, just am amazed at this really good quality piece I got at Sam's Club for dirt cheap. 

I was able to sell my old formal buffet for $100, still can't believe I got the new one for the same price!

I've had fun (and fits)decorating this... I've already returned 2 sets of lamps.  The burnt orange is a little bright for me (they still have the price tags on so I can return them)  but the room needed some color and I carried it in from the living room burnt orange accents.  You can read about my love/hate relationship with orange here.  It's working well for the fall at least.

So, what is your best furniture deal?  And, while we're at it... what do you think of the burnt orange lamps? ;)


  1. Kate what a deal! It is gorgeous and does look great with the rust lamps. I would keep them.

    We went to a new outdoor mall near here and I shopped at a PB store for the first time. I know right. I must admit I did not find a thing I just had to have. I found it very overpriced and rather staged looking as well. I prefer ordering from the catalog and even then I actually have very little from them. I too love Sam's Club furniture. The leather chair and ottoman in our living room came from there and I don't believe I have ever had more compliments on any other piece of furniture like I get on this one. It's amazing.

    Enjoy your buffet! ~Melissa :)

  2. Wow!! What a deal! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm so excited to have found yours! Can't wait to read more.

    xo, cassie

  3. YAY!| what a great find! My most recent great find is HERE . And I love Sam's Club furniture. I have a leather loveseat from Sam's that gets plenty of use. It's 13 years old and looks brand new!

  4. Wow, that was a deal. Wish my daughter could find that here for her dining room. It would be perfect!!

  5. I love the lamps! In fact, I'm wondering where I can get some like that :) I love red lampshades and I think they cast such a lovely glow at night when the lamps are turned on. Very cozy.

  6. I love it and what a great reminder that a little scuff can be repaired!!!!!!!

  7. Now that's a deal to squeal about!!! Unbelievable!!

    Love the lamps. Buffet is BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. Your buffet is gorgeous! I love it and what a great deal!!! I can understand why you are so excited.

  9. RAISE THE ROOO-OOOF!!! That's a killer deal! I think my favorite part is that you sold your old one for the same price. It's LIKE you got it for free. :)

  10. Yay! What a great find! I sooo want one. Thanks for sharing!

    Crew & Cate

  11. no way~smokin deal!! squealing with delight for you! how GORGEOUS!

  12. You totally scored! I love those lamps too. My best purchase? A coffee table and end table we bought a year after we bought our hutch.

    The salesperson said it wasn't a set, but they all matched perfectly! And they all were all in the clearance area of a furniture store!

  13. wow....WHAT A score! That's awesome! I love the picture you have over the buffet too. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston, TX

  14. WOW! That is a huge score!!! I am blown away by your deal. I would be squealing in delight too!!


  15. I am insanely jealous :) I'm tempted to go park outside the Sam's (an hour away :) so I can be there when they open up in the morning...fabulous fabulous find :)

  16. Excellent find! I love a great bargain too. Have a look at my PB look alike barstools.

    Love your blog!

  17. Awesome find. You did forget one benefit. Yours has hinges on the inside. Way more hip than the PB one.


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