Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Mirrored Furniture, Trendy or Here to Stay??

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Mirrored Furniture, Trendy or Here to Stay??

If you are even a little bit into decor you've probably noticed the mirrored furniture showing up all over the place... 

Image from ebay

Is it trendy???

Mirrored Jewelry Armoire
Image from glamfurniture

Mirrored Buffet/Console
Photo courtesy Nieman Marcus

Do I totally love it?
Image from google

Ummm...  YES!!!
Image from Google
I try not to be a crazy decor trend follower, especially if it doesn't jive with my home.  For example, the whole antler thing, I didn't do it, it doesn't work in my house... and, I just don't like it.  It will probably be out of style next year, but if it works for you and you like it, I say go for it.

However, this crazy mirrored furniture trend has me swooning.  I think it is absolutely beautiful.  I mean, I really love it!   

There's just one problem with it, (besides being completely breakable, especially with small children around... not to mention the little fingerprints and smudges that will constantly need to be wiped off of it) it's CRAZY EXPENSIVE! 

I had given up on getting any mirrored furniture because I don't really need any furniture... and did I mention it's crazy expensive.

I had come to terms with the fact that I was just going to have to look at pretty pictures of mirrored furniture until the trend passed along with my longing for one. 

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, while having a very unsuccessful trip at Tuesday Mornings trying to shop for a client, I stumbled upon a little mirrored sidetable in the back corner.  I could tell it was a beauty and that it also had a clearance sticker on top. 

The sticker said "Retails for $399, Tuesday Mornings price $149, Clearance Price $30". 

Wait... WHAT?! 

$30!!!!!!  For real?????????????

What's the catch? 

Just a little broken mirror.... actually 2, a skinny side piece and one of the drawers.


I literally stood there for 5 minutes looking at this thing thinking "how can I make this work... it is insanely cheap and awesome!" besides the broken pieces of course.

Look how pretty it is, even with the broken pieces (and missing knobs)...

Being in the garage is not doing it any favors reflecting all that dirty concrete floor.

Here's a side view...

Believe me, this table has good bones.

I knew there were some glass/mirror replacement companies in town so I thought, what the heck, how much could it be to replace some little mirrors... even if I put $50 into it it's still a steal of a price.

So, I bought it. 

I got it home and my husband thought I had lost my mind.  The conversation went something like this... 

Me:  "Why yes honey,  I did buy a broken mirrored, mirror covered side table.  No, I did not forget we have small children.  No babe, I don't think it looks like it's from that gaudy drug dealing Al Pacino house in that old movie Scarface.  Just trust me on this one, K babe."

So now I have to get to work.  I'm so excited to get this thing in my house and looking pretty.  Stay tuned!



  1. It's beautiful. Especially for 30 DOLLARS???
    Mary Ann

  2. Omg - that sounds exactly like my conversations with my husband! You got a great deal & can't wait to see you finish it! My youngest wants a mirror make-up table & they are crazy expensive!

  3. Ok, not gonna lie, I LOLed when I read this! TOO FUNNY!

    Can't WAIT to see what you do with this, I'm not too fond of mirrored furniture so I'd like to be wowed here!

  4. you so could not have passed that up. If I were there, I'd be fighting you for it. Even Miss Mustard Seed cracked one of her mirrors on her mirrored side table and its no biggie. Your husband (who I am sure is cute) is WRONG. $30?? You pay more for lattes in a week.

  5. I seriously love mirrored furniture. I considered buying a piece from Tuesday Morning for $250 that was to-die-for! Unfortunately, it's probably trendy, like a lot of the beautiful decorative stuff I love. But, LOVE, nonetheless! Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. i generally love everything you do, even when i think it isn't "my" style, I end up loving it. but i can't get with this mirrored thing. I think it is because my kitchen, which also has roosters for a wallpaper border (I'm renting, not my design choice) also has mirrored backsplash. Idiotic. Never clean enough. All I can imagine with the furniture is dust, fingerprints, and nastiness!!!

  7. I don't care if it is trendy, I love it! Reminds me of the 1930's for some reason! Good for you at getting one at such a great priceD!


  8. Ohh I Love that piece! and for $30!! a steal! There is this little hidden artist supply store in my town, that will cut glass and mirrors for me, and I think I paid a total of $3 a piece last time I did that!

  9. What a find! Hope the repair is reasonable for what a wonderful piece you will have. I would have snatched it up for that deal too.
    It may be trendy, but I would love to have a mirrored accent functional piece too. I think it adds beauty and sparkle to a room without being over the top.

  10. You crack me up. I love the way you write. I would have bought it and had the same conversation!!

  11. I was a mirrored dresser at the Tuesday Morning in my town. It wasn't the good deal you got but I did swoon over it but realized it wouldn't go in my apartment.

  12. $30.... what a steal! I'm sure you can get it fixed somewhere. Good Luck, I'm excited to here part two!

  13. Oh My Word.... I am completely jealous...What a find... Please keep us updated as to how/what you do with it..
    (& Your husband is wrong :).... fix it, use it, get sick of it...sell it on Craigslist for $250 :)

  14. i also love it, i have loved that style for many years, i remember seeing a dresser in a Marilyn Manroe movie, and just thought GLAM, kudos to you on the deal!!!! im goin to Tuesday morning tomorrow!!!!! love for you to join my blog also, im just a stay at home momma that enjoys the decorating challenge!!!Tracy Green

  15. You funny girl!
    I saw the $400 PB side table at the Outlet Store for $80. All it had was a ding in the wood on the top (no broken mirror). I have been wanting a mirrored table for forevah! I stood there debating, and walked around a bit to think. I decided I wanted it, my birthday present to me. In 5 minutes, it was SOLD!!! I almost cried.
    YOU FIX that adorable dresser you found for $30 and recoup some of my dignity, will ya?
    Thank you in advance.

  16. Good luck! I absolutely love mirrored furniture. I can't wait to see what you're able to do with it.

  17. I have a little mirrored desk that I found on clearance and I completely love it! Sexy Nerd doesn't get it.
    On my Not "Baaad" linky that's up, there is actually a link for making your own look-alike mirrored furniture :)

  18. Don't let him make you feel crazy, I would have bought it too ! :) Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  19. Can't wait to see what you do with this. I love mirrored furniture and would love to have at least one side table in our bedroom. Maybe I should stalk Tuesday Morning more often.

  20. I LOVE it, especially because I bought two of these same tables from Tuesday Morning just the other week! Even though I didn't get them at the amazing price you did, it still beat the $800 that I was seeing them retail for in Ballards, etc. I'm sure it won't be difficult for you to fix this little beauty. Have a great day, Becca

  21. OMG, I love it but I hate being left hanging...what are you going to do?

  22. Ohhh I LOVE the mirrored chests and dressers too!! They are gorgeous- you found an awesome piece and what a great price! Wow! Can't wait to see it all pretty and it's new home! Would love it if you would come share at my Friday decorating party sometime! This is gorgeous! :)

  23. I am so far behind on blog reading that I am just now reading this. Eventually I get here though. :0 I was so psyched to see you take on this topic. I have been redoing my living room, or talking about redoing my living room for about a year now and this is something I've been thinking about incorporating into my space. I love the images you found. You are convincing me to bring on a bit of this old world Hollywood glam into my 1916 home.
    Pam @ BeColorful

  24. I just found this thread. Looks like I'm 7 months late, but I love mirrored furniture its absolutely beautiful. I was wondering if this was going to be a quickly passing trend myself. It's not the same or near as beautiful but silver leafing is a good alternative. I actually tried faux silver leafing with aluminum foil!

  25. Last week I too bought a small bedside mirrored table for just $30.00 on clearance! It has a major diagonal crack on one of the 3 drawers, and chipped edges in two other not-so-obvious places. I've been pondering whether to get that one drawer re-done @ a glass place, OR try to figure out some decorative finish to paint on it. I'm still deciding but wonder if there's some way to gesso or prime coat 1/2 that drawer and then sprinkle/paint silver leaf on that in a graduated way... so that the finish would go from silver speckles on white to white speckles on mirror?... and then do the same on a few other places on the piece. Am anxious to hear what solution you chose!

  26. Hi - I also am debating a console table with broken mirror pieces. I can replace the mirror inexpensively but worried about getting off the old stuff. Did anyone try this and what kind of results?

  27. Well, I went for it and found a mirroref chest with black trim for 499..a steal. It is it. and the centerpiece of the room. I've had it about 2 years now...not in the least tired of it. BUT, last week while pulling out a drawer, the knob came off and as I was screwing it in I got a starburst crack ...tell me more about how to get this fixed.

  28. I have one word for you ladies...TARGET!!!! I got 2 Nightstands normally $89.99/a piece were buy one get one 50% off!

  29. Hi - wondering how you made out with replacing the mirror on your table. I just purchased a large beautiful vanity table with a few broken pieces. I have had my eye on it a while and already priced the replacement mirror which is very inexpensive. I am looking for tips or instructions on getting off the old mirror and putting on the new pieces.

    Any tips?


  30. This is wonderful furniture and some pics are old and so impressive.Hotel furniture...Thanks for it.

  31. Why not funk it up by making a sort of mosaic looking section where the mirrors are broken? then crack the mirror on the opposite side so it looks more planned and not just broken.

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  35. Great find for a an even better price. Knobs are no big deal you can replace them easily. I love mirrored furniture. I had been searching for some mirrored cabinets and a coffee table for months and I came across a good deal myself. I just bought some pieces myself off Craig's list and the woman threw in a mirrored coffee table for "FREE" but two of its legs have cracks which I plan on having fixed asap.

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