Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: A non-TV stand for a TV stand.

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A non-TV stand for a TV stand.

I am not a big fan of TV stands. 

Why?  Because the ones in my price range just aren't pretty. 

They look like TV stands. 

If I wanted to drop a grand on one I could find a pretty "media console" from Pottery Barn or Ballard's that did not look like a TV stand. 

Anderson Media Console
Image from Pottery Barn

But hey, this is Chic on a Shoestring Decorating,  not Big Money Decorating.  And,even if I had an extra grand burning a hole in my pocket, I wouldn't spend it on a TV stand... that's just how I roll.

Our last house had built-in shelves in our family room so I avoided the ugly TV stand problem, that made it so easy!  When we moved into our current home we had no built-ins so I had to face the TV stand dilemma. 

I did not want to put the TV over our fireplace... that's not the look I'm going for.  And, I just love to decorate the mantel too much to do that.

So, I had to face the dilemma on a very limited budget.   I had no idea what I was going to do...

We closed on our new house but hadn't moved in yet, we were there tearing out carpet, painting, etc.  

The door bell rang, I answered it. 

It was a a young man whom I didn't recognize and he said, and I quote,

"Hi, is your mom home?"

I said "I love you."

He gave me a puzzled look. 

I said, "Umm, I am the mom" 

He then looked kind of embarassed and began to explain that he had 2 semi's full of high quality furniture from a famous maker in North Carolina and would I like to see what they have. 

How could I turn this guy down now?

So, I went through the semis, stacked to the ceiling with sofas and recliners.  The prices were really good but I didn't need a sofa or recliner.

I then went to semi number two and there it was...  my pretty little black TV stand.  Although it wasn't a TV stand at all.


I LOVED it.... I mean really loved it. 

I thought for sure it would be too expensive but I had to ask the price because I couldn't walk away from it. 

The sales guy said $375.  Hmmmm.... it would obviously be way more than that on a show room floor. 

So I started talking, there were a few little scratches on it and I was able to haggle the guy down to $250!! 


This was such a steal!!  I love the details... look at this:

And these cute feet!

Here is a blurry shot of the whole thing...

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! 

The moral of this story is, don't settle for a yucky TV stand that looks like a TV stand, there are plenty of great deals at places like HomeGoods, Tuesday Mornings, Hobby Lobby and semi trucks driving through your neighborhood selling furniture.  A nice chest of drawers like mine or a console table can do the job of a TV stand much more eloquently.

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  1. I absolutely love this!!! The perfect fit!!

  2. OMG! Did you just snap your fingers and the Furniture Fairy showed up? Send him this way, please!Love your score! 8>)

  3. Oh I love it when people re purpose furniture for their own use. This looks AMAZING!

  4. Darling! Perfect for your t.v.!!!

  5. It's great! And I agree with you re: TV stands. When Ryan got his first "big" TV about 7 years ago, the only stands out there were glass and metal. Not our style. He wound up having to make a custom stand. Now, thankfully, they have more styles, but SHEESH! They want a million dollar for the things! You did some great shopping here, and it couldn't be more perfect!

  6. great story...if you see those guys in the semi again please send them my way.....

  7. You're right! It is such a steal. Beautiful piece of furniture. Lovely details!

  8. So beautiful TV stand, This looks amazing!!

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