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Flower Power

Hello there friends!  I hope all of my fellow moms had a wonderful Mother's Day.   It was a beautiful day here and I was able to spend much of the day outside with my family.

Mother's day is one of my favorite times of the year, not only because it's a special day for me and my boys but also because in these parts it signals the start of the gardening season.  Any earlier and you risk your crop being killed by a late spring frost (major bummer!).

I love planting our annual flower baskets and so does my husband.  He is a "yard guy"... you know, one of those guys that mows perfect straight lines in the yard, trims and edges with every mow, not one blade of grass out of place, and absolutely NO dandelions (heaven forbid!)  

I love this about him because our yard always looks great and I never have to mow, ever.   I have never mowed the grass in the 10 years we've been married, not even once.  I tell him we were meant to be together because he is the outside decorator and I am the inside decorator, we make a good team.  :)

We don't ever cross into each other's territory until annual flower planting season. This is where I cross the line... this is risky business for me because I don't want him to come in the house and tell me how I should decorate.  Thankfully, he doesn't give a rip.

He graciously shares the annual basket planting duties with me. Heading to the nursery around Mother's Day is one of our favorite things to do each year. We don't tell each other what plants to get but we do try to coordinate colors. This year we decided on shades of pink... how romantic. :)

Every spring we also decide together what kind of hair-do Butch should have for the summer.  Butch was a wedding present from an eclectic older lady.  He was not on our registry and we had a good laugh when we unwrapped him.  He came with a lid that looked a little like a hat, I thought he was a cookie jar.  I decided that he didn't really go with my kitchen so thought he'd end up in a garage sale.

I was pleasantly surprised when my clever husband filled up the cookie jar with dirt and planted grass seed in it.  He kept the grassy hair-do nicely trimmed which led to the name "Butch".   Butch has since had many hairstyles and colors... curly hair, long hair, flowery hair, and now edible hair.  This year he's sporting some chives which will be delicious in our baked potatos.

We also planted a vegetable garden and can hardly wait for those home-grown tomatos! 

I plan on sharing the progress of our flowers and garden over the summer.  Hopefully I won't kill anything.

Have you done your spring planting??


  1. I love that pot with the big smile.

  2. That smiling pt is fabulous. Mothers day was spent in the garden for me too. All of our veggies are in . Hugs and wishes for a day filled with Happy!


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