Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

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Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Do you have a room in your house that just won't come together (or is this just me being ocd decorating girl)?  My master bedroom hasn't been quite right since we moved to our current house almost 2 years ago.

I finally figured out what was wrong... my furniture and my decor don't flow.  I have Louis Philippe style furniture (which I'm so over) and my decor was a little too modern for it... I know it's ok to mix styles but this just wasn't working.  I have some cute pillows and some cute items but it just wasn't coming together. 

I had been doing some research for inspiration and found a ton of stuff I loved but I don't want to spend a whole lot (no new furniture, re-use a lot of stuff I already have).  I also was trying to avoid painting because we have a vaulted ceiling which makes it very hard to do a quick re-paint.

I finally found something I could do with minimal cost and no re-painting.  Guess who it came from?!

Design goddess/decorating genius Candice Olson. 

I LOVE her.  I have never seen her do anything bad, even if it's not my taste, it always looks great.

She is the only designer on HGTV that I would hand over the keys to my house and say "go crazy" and not worry one bit.  There are other great designers on HGTV but she is my fave by far.

Anywho, I came across an episode of her new show Candice Tells All (which is kind of exactly the same as her old show Divine Design but whatever) where she did a master bedroom makeover in neutrals and it turned out FABULOUS. 

I know, neutrals??  Booooring... snooze.

But no, really, this is just lovely. 

My pictures of this room are not lovely, they are from the TV!   I couldn't find this episode on-line, I was forced to take pictures of my paused TV screen, probably the biggest blogging no-no ever.

But do you want to see it or not?! 

I thought you'd say yes.

So, here it goes...

Ok, so those pictures are really bad and the coloring is really off but you get the idea, right?!  I hope!!

Lovely creams and whites and taupes and tans all blending quite nicely.

My room re-do won't be this fantabulous because I won't be spending tens of thousands of dollars but I have a little bit of fun stuff up my sleeve.  I'm going to be adding a little paint in my room but not on the vaulted ceiling part... with it I will be doing a fun giveaway so come back soon to check on my progress.

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  1. I agree about Candice Olsen, I always love her designs even when it's not my style. Love your inspiration room. Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. Love Candice and I love the room you are showing. I can't wait to see your new redo. My Mstr. just won't come together either, so I just kind of ignore it. Maybe you will inspire me too. Hugs, Marty

  3. Just FYI, they sell her line at Dillard's and it is always on clearance 75% off. I can not understand why! You should check it out!

  4. Hey, Kate. I also think Candice Olsen is great and love the room you are using as an inspiration for your master bedroom. I love the color palette, fabrics, venetian mirror and most of all the Camaroon Juju headress above the headboard. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your room.



  5. So pretty! My bedroom is currently green and I'm thinking of switching it to some pretty neutrals. I think this is a great direction to head!

  6. I must say Candice is my all time favorite designer, she is truly amazing! I have seen your inspiration room on her show, it is a beautiful room. I can't wait to see what you do with your master bedroom.

  7. I love Candice! I am trying to re-do our bedroom...on a budget unfortunately..but I will be interested watching your own re-do as my inspiration.

  8. O love love love Candice's designs...but her show, for me, is hard to watch unless I dvr it and I can ff through all the silly jokes.(Note to Candice: keep your day job lol) I also LOVE Sarah Richardson, and her new show "Sarah's Summer House" is on now. Unbelievable. She's less into nuetrals, but she always comes up with something so fine. I like your inspiration photos! Good luck!

  9. I am also a love lover of Candice's work. I'm with you, I told my husband, if you ever want to surprise me, Give Candice our house keys and tell her to go crazy. I can't think of one makeover that I haven't loved.You can't go wrong with her inspiration. Have fun.


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