Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: French Script Here to Stay?? (last day for Cutting Edge Stencils Giveaway!)

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French Script Here to Stay?? (last day for Cutting Edge Stencils Giveaway!)

Hello lovely friends!

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Has the suspense been killing you?!?

What suspense?!?

Well, you know... the results to my very fun and scientific poll about French Script being "here to stay" or "on the way {out}".

Oh yes, that suspense. 

You've been losing sleep I'm sure. 

I won't keep you waiting any longer...

French Script is HERE TO STAY.

This is according to my very scientific survey which resulted in 120 (73%) voting here to stay and 43 (26%)voting on the way {out}.

I'm so happy French Script is here to stay because I happen to love it (when done properly of course)! 

I have been looking for ways to work some French Script to my decor for quite some time without breaking my shoestring budget. 

Since Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs (I'm sure French Script showed up way before the PB and BD catalogs in some fancy schmancy designer line but that's the first I saw it) came out with French Script pillows a few years back it has been popping up everywhere. 

In my hunt for the perfect and affordable French Script I've found that not all French Script is created equal.  Some of it is just plain ugly just doesn't look right. I've found a lot that was just plain ugly just doesn't look right in my price range.

I like this pillow but not so much the Pottery Barn price...

Calligraphy Decoupage Pillow Cover, 18"
via Pottery Barn

A fabric swatch from Ballard Designs
Document Brown Easy Care Fabric by the Yard
via Ballard Designs

The Ballard's print looks lovely on a pillow and even nice on a chair

via Niemen Marcus

But anything bigger than a chair....

via Soft Peach Boutique

is a little much for my taste.   Although, I like this sofa and think it is very tastefully done, I think I'd be sick of it sooner than later. 
That's why French Script is great for accessories.  Because, even though my super scientific poll showed that French Script is here to stay right now, that doesn't mean forever.

So, why am I all worked up over French Script right now?

Well, I finally found some fabulous French Script pillows in my price range that will work in my house... this was super exciting for me (is it weird that I'm super excited about pillows?)

Here's a sneak peak at the French Script pillows I found...

I'll show how and where I used French Script in a post very soon. 

Thanks to all who participated in my "fun" survey.  I'll be posting another here in the next few weeks, stay tuned!


  1. Yay! Glad its here to I for one love it, and I agree, only as accessories or curtains.. :)

  2. I found a french script lumbar pillow that looks almost exactly like yours at Home Sense. Compliments nicely with the script lampshade from pottery barn...a girls gotta splurge sometimes! :)

  3. Hi! Could you please tell me what fabric you used on that last pillow (if that's the fabric you ended up using)? I tried searching your site for the follow-up post but couldn't find it!


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