Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: A Pretty Dining Room

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A Pretty Dining Room

I was playing catch up on my DVR the other night watching a decorating show.  Surprise! 

It was not the train wreck of a decorating show Million Dollar Decorator (read about my thoughts on it HERE)

It was an episode of Sarah 101 on HGTV.  I love to watch Sarah because she is so talented (obviously) but she also often surprises me.  She'll add a splash of unexpected pattern or color and when she shows the swatch I'll always think to myself  "Hmmm, that one's a little ugly different, Sarah."

But then, at the end of the show, it always looks amazing. 


Maybe that's why Sarah gets paid the big bucks and me, not so much ;)

The episode I watched was a dining room makeover that she dubbed "Jewel-like dining". 

It was so unique and fabulous I thought I'd share it with wonderful people like you, that appreciate unique and fabulous.  (As opposed to Mr. Chic who fell asleep on the couch next to me while we were watching some non-decorating show.  He woke up and I asked what he thought of the lovely "Jewel-like dining" room, he glanced at the tv "Groan... I'm going to bed."  Party pooper.)

Unlike Mr. Chic, you will love it!

Here it is in all it's "Jewel-like" glory...

I learn so much by watching other designers.  Look how much is going on in there... different fabrics on the chairs, different colored chairs (see the yellow ones flanking the buffet) the wallpaper, paneling, funky mirror shape, curtains, etc. but it flows together so nicely.

The gold leaf wall paper is really amazing. 

I admit at first the wallpaper scared me with the yellow geometric chair fabric, but it totally works!  

The only thing I don't really like is the chandelier.  Sarah said she kept it simple because the rest of the room was not.  It's a little too Medieval Times-ish for me.


I find this room extra appealing because I would never have chosen most of these fabrics, colors and textures for my own home, but I really think it turned out beautifully.

What do you think of it? 


  1. Hi! I have not seen this it the same Sarah that did a farm house in New York? And has the guy with black rimmed glasses as her side-kick? If so, I'm like you in thinking "how is that going to look good?' but it always does. She expands my decorating horizons.

  2. Beautiful room! I think all the colors and patterns work together because they are pretty subtle, except for the floral chair backs.

  3. Love Sarah, I cant get enough of watching her work her magic. I think that room is gorgeous.

  4. I watched this epsoide the other day. I really like how she goes into detail of why she makes her decision. I am with you on the swatches - half the time I like are you sure, but it always comes out amazing,


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