Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Restoration Hardware's "Wish Book" Publication

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Restoration Hardware's "Wish Book" Publication

Hello lovely friends!  Have you seen the new Restoration Hardware catalog "Publication".  They are calling it their new "Publication" instead of catalog as it it 600-something pages long and includes some articles.  Mine came via email and I had fun scrolling through it.

They have some really unique new pieces so I thought we should discuss. 

Restoration Hardware has lost me a bit over the past few years because they became very monochromatic in shades of grey and kind of, dare I say... depressing.  They've also taken on a very masculine look that wasn't there 10 years ago.  I can really appreciate the masculine style they are going for, it just isn't the look I want in my home.  But that's fine, I still like to look. :)

*All pictures in this post are courtesy of Restoration Hardware.
This pic is an example of why they've lost me a bit...
 Restoration Hardware still had some fabulous stuff of course, their prices are just TOO HIGH! 

Like, insanely high. 

Like even if I were rich I would still think twice about spending $4000 on a replica of WWII Celestial Binoculars (Yes, I am serious... scroll down to see photo) to sit in my living room and collect dust.
That's why I'm looking and not buying.

Anywhooo.  Let's check out some of the items from their catalog "Publication".

I was blown away by the light fixtures, very unique, some fantastic, some, just plain different.  The first that caught my eye was this bird cage chandelier.  I've never seen anything like it.  For some reason, to me it's screaming "Moulan Rouge".  Definitely very interesting and a conversation piece if you were rich brave enough to put it in your home. 

Vintage Birdcage Chandelier X-Large

Feminine Bling meets Masculine Metal??

Foucault's Orb Crystal Chandelier Large
Special $2195

 This one looks like it's missing something...
A "steal" at only $750
18th C. Bartolomeo Chandelier Small
BIG for $1175
These chairs are great ($329 each and a somewhat easy knock-off) with the table and metal chandy.
These chairs are really masculine and kind of odd dining chairs if you ask me (they didn't ask me).  I like the light fixtures and even the moose antlers! :)

Ok, here's the $4000 WWII replica Celestial Night Binoculars... (for people with so much money they don't know what to do with it.)  I know what I'd do with it, not waste it on these replica binoculars! :)

Restoration Hardware has been doing these 1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamps for the past couple years.  Interesting but not very practical for most people at  $1995 on Special for $1695.  I like the use of the metal chandy in here with the very cool aviation coffee table, an awesome man-cave piece.


More man cave stuff...  The aviation metal pieces are really striking and cool.  Definitely masculine pieces for manly men. 
Aviator Wing Desk
Aviator Wing Desk
These next photos are pieces and styles that I still love about Restoration Hardware.
Fab mirror, couch and throw pillows.

Love the whole look of this dining room.

Lovely bed and chandelier and beautiful overall.

Another fab vintage looking chandelier

Well, since there are 600 pages in the Restoration Hardware catalog "publication" I could go on and on but I'll stop now, hopefully while you're still reading. 

I was not paid to do this post, I just love design/decorating and love getting my new catalogs in the mail or email.  This "publication" had such interesting stuff in it I had to discuss it with someone who cared (Mr. Chic was not interested in looking at a 600 page catalog and discussing decorating trends with me, can you believe that?!) ;)

Have you read the latest RH "publication"?? What do you think of it???


  1. I flipped through it in my email. Everything is gorgeous (though slightly monochromatic, as you mentioned). I think there prices are redonculous. They think way too much of their stuff. Its sad when you think "I could get that at Pottery Barn for half the price!"

  2. Kate they've gone overboard in the 'industrial meets home' arena and of course I agree with you about the pricing. I guess there are folks who will pay the price otherwise they wouldn't be in business but if I were in their design dept. I'd scale it back, appeal more to mass market with PB prices and looks you could actually do in your home. Great post.

  3. I know *exactly* what you mean about RH's recent... changes. Many of their items just seem so heavy and depressing - and some are just plain impractical. However, I am still a fan of their more classic looks, but I have not been enjoying their stuff as much as I used to!

  4. I really loved RH when their style was more Pottery Barn. :) I too am not a fan of the grey, depressing furniture. I'm not thrilled with the way they've redone their stores, but there must be lots of people out there who do love it or they wouldn't still be in business. I do love the style of the last few pictures--great coffee table, pillows, etc. And I do love that $3000 birdcage chandelier!

    I was shocked when my 615 page publication came in the mail! I can't imagine how much it costs to put something like that out!

  5. I walked around the Restoration Hardware store the other night with my husband, just drooling on everything I saw. I love it!! I love their industrial-ish pieces that look, oh so good with the classic/old world feel. Ah, love RH!

  6. pics are bout all i can afford hehe other than that, lovin the lights

  7. There's absolutely NO COLOR. I'm tired of them. My mother-in-law has (read "can afford") some of their pieces. I think their prices are offensively ridiculous.

  8. I own many RH pieces, and yes they're overpriced. Which I would continue to pay because it's unique, but their service & delivery is a DISASTER!! So I really like seeing your re-making the same style using simple objects. I love some of the industrial look, but enough already!

  9. They should call it the dream book, as in they must be dreaming...Everything is beautiful, I especially love the wood dining table and stenciled like chairs. But you're right the prices are crazy.

  10. I love their stuff! I wouldn't do an entire room with their set-up but an interesting piece added to a room can really make a difference. Enough to upgrade the entire room!

    As for price- their products are beyond average quality, the craftsmanship is amazing and you aren't going to walk in to your neighbor's house a see the same piece. Just like everything in life, there are exceptional brands and knockoff or less quality products. If you like the futon era, stick to Ikea, Pottery Barn is a small bump up in style but the quality of pressed wood does not make lifelong pieces for a home.

  11. Can you delete my comment? I ccan't manage to do it.


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