Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Pumpkin Plastic Surgery

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Pumpkin Plastic Surgery

Last year I had fun doing pumpkin plastic surgery... taking apart some old junky fall decorations and giving them a new life (check it out here).  While tearing old pumpkins apart I realized that a lot of my fall stuff had gotten old and had started to look shoddy, most of the stuff had been around since we got married (11 years next month!). 

I made do with it last year but decided I needed to pick up some good stuff on sale after all the pumpkin-type holidays were over.

I hit the pumpkin jackpot at Hob Lob when I showed up on the first day of 90% off fall decor and they even had an amazingly good selection left.  Usually by the time it's 90% off they only have very ugly and/or broken stuff left. 

I didn't buy a lot but got some of the really good expensive stuff for super-duper cheap!  I then had to wait an entire year before I could use it or even share it with you (you didn't know I was this good at keeping secrets, huh?)

It's been so long that I pretty much forgot about my 90% off deals.  As I dug out my fall stuff it was like Christmas morning.  I was like, Whoopee, a zeplin!  (name that movie)

Anyway, the big daddy deal that I got last year was something that I totally didn't need, but whatever, it was too awesome to pass up.

This super huge-mongous wreath!

Isn't she a beauty??  (even propped up all crooked on the floor in a poorly lit picture?)

$149.99 marked down to $14.99!  Just to buy the big grapevine wreath with nothing on it is worth way more than that!


She had one little flaw, a pumpkin who'd lost her stem exposing the cheap styrofoam.  Good thing I'm a skilled plastic surgeon (for pumpkins).


I'm pretty sure that's why she was still there, (do you like how I keep referring to it as "she"?)

I knew I could save her but had no idea where I'd put her.
She is really big... 31 inches across at her largest point!  That's almost 3 feet!! 

Before I figured out where to put her she needed a stem-job.  Nothing ruins a fancy wreath like cheap white styrofoam poking out where a stem should be.

So I went to work, I found one of the old junky pumpkins from last year and pulled the stem off to use as a replacement.

I then decided I needed some wire or the glue gun to attach the new pumpkin stem.  Both were in the basement and because I was too lazy to walk down the basement stairs  so I came up with this brilliant Macgyverish idea...

I took the twist tie from our bread bag that happened to still be laying on the counter leftover from lunch,  bent it and stuck it in the stem which then easily stuck into the damaged pumpkin!

It worked perfectly! 

By repurposing the twist-tie I am helping to save the planet because that is one less twist-tie taking up lots of space in a landfill. 

All because I am too lazy to walk down the basement stairs a skilled pumpkin plastic surgeon.  ;)

Good as new!!

Now I just had to find the perfect spot for her. 

She is too gigantic for the mirror over my fireplace and even for the front door.

I am not one to just hang a holiday wreath on the wall so that wasn't happening.   Hmmmm....

I decided she needed to be on the biggest mirror we have (ummm, not the bathroom) and thankfully she fit!

She is a lovely addition to our formal living room!

No one would ever notice the wired on with a bread bag twist tie stem-job, right?? 

Speaking of my formal living room, I'll be giving a tour soon so you can check out my new French Script pillows.  I'll also be sharing some of the other 90% off steals from Hobby Lobby, I have to warn you that they aren't as good as this... but they are still really good. :)

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And, don't forget that this Saturday is the first annual "Flaunt your Fall" link up party... you've got a few more days to get your Fall on!  (don't worry, Flaunt it Friday will be held as usual too.)

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  1. Can't wait for Flaunt Your Fall! I'm getting in the attic tonight to pull down my old stuff. I'm not sure even how I'm going to use it since this is my first fall in the new house! Yay! Can't wait. Awesome surgical skills, BTW. Did you miss your calling?

  2. You are a skilled plastic surgeon!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. That wreath is amazing and you are an amazing surgeon!
    Guess it's time to get my Fall stuff out. Sigh.
    But I don't wanna miss your party!!
    It's still hot here, so I will have to use some imagination to imaging the crisp air and changing leaves ;)
    I pray you have a beautiful day, sweet friend!
    P.S. I can't use the too-lazy-to-walk-down-the-basement-stairs excuse. Mine is, It's too hot to even think about Autumn. That's a good excuse, doncha think?

  4. Nice stem job! The wreath looks great on that mirror. I can't wait to see more!

  5. Nice nose job, oops steam job. HL is selling that wreath again this year. Can't wait to see the rest of your bargins.

  6. Beautiful wreath- they never marked this one down that much here-or I would have bought it! You did a good rehab on it.

  7. So happy to have you at my party with this beautiful 90% off also did a great job on fixing it.


  8. What wired on bread bag twist tie? I'd never have guessed. LOL You are so smart to think of that and you wreath is gorgeous reflected in the mirror.
    Nice job!
    ps.. I'm now following you. Thought I was before, obviously not. Duh.

  9. Just became your newest follower amd hope to join in the fall party! This wreath is quite a score and would be perfect over at my Tuesday's Club G.W. (Goodwill)with Charm Bracelet Diva Party going on now! It's all about the score, baby!


  10. I have just joined your blog as a follower and love your tutorials! Thank you for sharing your smart ideas.

  11. Your wreath looks amazing! So pretty hung on the mirror, nice touch!
    Visiting from WUW...

  12. Wow... the wreath is beautiful and what a steal!!

  13. Your wreath looks great after her surgery! Visiting from WUW.

  14. Wow! I'd almost let you work on my nose based on your mad pumpkin surgery skills! Nicely done Doc! :) Hoping to get my Fall stuff out this weekend after my new buffet is delivered. Love your blog!

  15. The wreath looks FABULOUS on the living room mirror! You get double the impact since it is reflected in the mirror. I was luckly enough year before last to get a pile of pumpkins at HL 90% off sale. They got kinda bleached out looking last year in the front yard so I am going to have to spruce them up with paint before they go out again.

  16. The surgery work so great . You look more pretty gorgeous after getting done the surgery. Nice work done by the doctor.

    nose surgery


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