Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Halloween Mantel... is for the Birds, Take 2

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Halloween Mantel... is for the Birds, Take 2

Well, hello there. 

Can you believe that Halloween is 2 weeks from tomorrow?!  2 weeks!! 

It will be here before we know it which makes me a little sad.  My favorite season is just about over by the time Halloween arrives.  Boo to winter weather. 

Since fall seems to fly by and I do a lot of different decorating "stages" in order to cover all of the holidays that seem to run together, I try to make it so that some of my fall decor is interchangeable.

Wait, what am I talking about?

Here goes...

For fall I do 3 stages of decor:

First, I bust out the pumpkins and colorful leaves on September 1 or a few days after.  At that point it is usually still 90 degrees and there is no way I can even think about getting out my Halloween stuff, it's hard enough to drag out the pumpkins while I'm sweating. 

Second, I bust out the Halloween decor around the last week of September and/or first week of October. This part seems to go the fastest... I drag out the Halloween stuff and then "BAM!" it's over.

Finally, after Halloween I like to have fall leaves and pumpkins (and maybe one random turkey) out for Thanksgiving for the first couple of weeks of November.  Lately, I've been getting the Christmas decor out before Thanksgiving so we have more time to enjoy it so this part is crazy short. 

Because of all the fall decor switcheroo-ing going on, I am always looking for ways to make the fall stuff work for Halloween too and vice-versa.  Obviously,  I can't leave out spooky ghosts all season but the leaves and pumpkins go all the way to Thanksgiving.

This year I thought I'd do a big spooky mantel.  Then, when I got home from Vegas 6 days into October (my Halloween stuff will only be out 3 weeks, dang it!) and was feeling kind of lazy creative about my Halloween decorations, I realized that I could make a Halloween mantel out of my fall leaves and pumpkins.

I busted out my awesome little dollar store black birds to save the day.  The fall pumpkins and leaves mantel would become a spooky (kind of) Halloween mantel just by inserting a few black birds.  Then, when Halloween is over in 2 weeks, I take out the black birds and "Waa-La!" Thanksgiving mantel!  It's so easy!

So here it is, my repurposed Fall Mantel turns lazy Blackbird Halloween Mantel!  I was going to add fake creepy cobwebs but that would've required me to go to the store.

Last year the blackbirds saved the day for my Halloween Mantel too, check it out here!

Come back soon to see my less lazy Halloween decor. :)

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  1. I think your mantel looks fabulous and those birds send it over the top for Halloween.

  2. Definitely love it! Aside from the pumpkins and a couple pieces here and there I boycotted the Halloween stage this year. It definitely isn't for the lack of decorations (we went all out last year). The birds are great!

  3. What a difference a few blackbirds can make -- love it!

    I linked to an easy way to do homemade cobwebs -- being the crafty person that you are, you probably have the supplies on hand:

    And of course, if you try this, we need more pictures...

  4. It looks perfect! I love the birds!

  5. Your mantel looks wonderful! I love that you were able to create this with stuff you already had.

  6. Fantastic Halloween post!Your mantel turned out great and gorgeous colours. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. Love your mantel! The birds are awesome ... you've perched them perfectly!

  8. @Becca... Gah. I was going to say the crows are perfectly perched. Are you reading my mind? lol.
    Beautiful mantle =)

  9. Ohhhh' so gorg. I love all the crows, with the crops. WELL WELL DONE. winks-jen

  10. Wow your decorations look fantastic! Usually im not a fan of halloween decorations but the fact that you focused more on colour is a fresh take on the usual ghostly figures etc. the birds also add something extra. It looks really really good! Definitely something even I wouldnt mind having.


  11. I hope my dollar store has those birds....great display!

  12. Will you come decorate my house? Love it!

    new follower via Blue Cricket!

    Come by for a visit - hope you'll follow back

    Kyra @

  13. Hi Kate,
    I love those birds! I went and got them too and that is how I like to decorate Make it last right through to Thanksgiving, by just removing a couple of bats and birds! Your my kinda gal.

  14. This is my favourite Halloween mantel EVER -- I absolutely love it!


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