Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: More Halloween Black Birds...

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More Halloween Black Birds...

How is it possible that October is nearly over and Halloween is in 2 days? 


I feel like it's about September 3rd and I'm still 25, obviously I've fallen behind somewhere along the way. ;) 

Anywho, I'm sure you all remember my cute little Dollar Store black birds that I used on my Halloween mantel HERE.  I mean, how could you forget them, right?  wink, wink

Well, I got them some black bird friends in the form of pillows and a plate, I'm sure they really appreciate it. (they didn't even say thank you!)

I came across these pillows at where else, TJ Maxx, for super cheap and couldn't pass them up (especially since I had  a gift card, it was like they were free!) 

Don't mind that the black bird on the pillow looks more like a cute little bird than a Halloween black bird, just go with it, mmmmm-K?

One for the couch and one for my boy's favorite chair (which really I should just say it's for the floor because that's where it ends up all day long, the boys do not like mommy's froofy pillows in their favorite chair).

I also threw together this little kid friendly coffee table centerpiece using stuff I already had.  It had to be kid friendly because the coffee table is also a train table and/or race track depending on the day.  It had to be able to be knocked over wthout breaking. 

I used a simple candle pedastel and an old wreath and stuck our "electric" jack-o-lantern on it with a battery powered tea-light inside.  I removed the electric cord by unscrewing it from the bottom, easy-peasy.

I picked up the orange zebra table runner at TJ's at the end of summer for $2, I thought it would be perfect for Halloween!

I also picked up a cheap black bird plate at Hob Lob 50% off, it was $3 (and it's not even plastic!).  Since it was so cheap I can leave it low and hope the boys don't break it but if they do I'm only out $3.  Thankfully they actually are really good about not messing with my decorations, they haven't been trained not to, they just don't.  (unless it's on their favorite chair or on their race track,train table/coffee table and I'm fine with that. ;) 

We'll be enjoying this look for a few more days ...

and then my mind will be turning to...

don' say it... it can't be that time of year already...

Christmas! GASP!!


  1. Oh I love your pretty pillow and plate. So pretty and perfect for this fall season. Beautiful and fun vignettes too. Hugs, marty

  2. The pillow is very lovely. pumpkin is a splash of fun,very cute.

  3. So cute Kate! Love the kid friendly ideas!!! :)

  4. Kate,
    Love all your finds. I really love the zebra striped table cute.
    I am so ready (well not really ready) for Christmas, but I have to let Turkey Day pass before I put up the tree. LOL

  5. I really like the color scheme you used. The mantel is very nice. I know Christmas seems to come a bit too soon at times nut it's my favorite time of year!


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