Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Thanksgiving Decor... and I'm not talkin' turkey

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Thanksgiving Decor... and I'm not talkin' turkey

Well, hello there friends! 

Don't you think Thanksgiving is getting to be the "forgotten holiday"? 

We go straight from Halloween to Christmas.  The stores and big companies are the worst.  I actually saw a Christmas commercial 4 days before Halloween... can you believe that?!  Sadly, I'm sure you can.

Some stores have had Christmas stuff out for months (mostly the crafty types like Hobby Lobby- in JULY!! wow).  But many others get it out before Halloween if they have room (Wal-Mart).

I am going to get my Christmas stuff out a little earlier than usual just so we can enjoy it (and because it's a lot of work!) but not quite yet.  

First, I'm going to share the rest of my Fall Thanksgiving decor that will be staying up at least a little longer.

My coffee table vignette
I love pumpkins on pedestals

The Fall Thanksgiving decor in my living room...

Another touch of Fall Thanksgiving in our entryway.

The large apothecary jar has an old fall swag stuck in it which helps it to fill the jar without using a million leaves.  I sort of twisted it around the jar from the bottom up.

The little jar has mini-pumpkins purchased last year after the season for 90% off, I got two small packages for less than $1.50. 

Our dining room has this little pumpkin on the buffet.  Sticking a pumpkin on a ring of faux berries (either made from a swag or a candle ring) does wonders for a pumpkin! :)

Finally, I took the black birds off my Halloween mantel so that it can become just a Fall Thanksgiving mantel... easy peasy.

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or do you just go straight to Christmas after Halloween??


  1. Your home is beautiful and so well dressed for Fall..

    We go straight to Christmas, as we love to have it up as long as possible.

  2. Beautiful home! I definitely decorate for Thanksgiving. I'm not a big Halloween person so I'm always excited to pull out my cute turkeys on November 1st. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas but Thanksgiving just may be my favorite, food, long weekend, shopping, FOOTBALL, Christmas tree festivals and watching The Fighting Sullivans on Thanksgiving morning since I was a little girl. Special times!

  3. So tasteful! I love all your touches!

  4. Lovely mantel. I am one that does not skip Thanksgiving decorating, and I go all out. I love celebrating each special Holiday. Love your decor taste.

  5. Your Thanksgiving decor is beautiful and welcoming! I do decorate for Thanksgiving as soon as Halloween is over. This week I'll be putting up my biggest trees and blinging them up for Thanksgiving. Everybody enjoys them.


  6. So pretty! I love fall, and have been enjoying every bit of it (despite the fact that there is a local radio station that is already playing ALL Christmas music! It's craziness! I love Christmas, but I love Thanksgiving too!

  7. All of your decor is stunning. I love it all. Your coffee table looks amazing and the cornacopia wreath on the mirror is fabulous. I really love the idea of the berries and the pumpkins, so I may have to borrow that idea. Thanks. Your mantel is pure perfection to me. I totally love it all. Great decorations. No, I don't do hardly anything for Halloween, so mine is all Fall decor. I am starting to put the basics together for Christmas, but not all the ornaments and stuff yet. Hugs, Marty

  8. I agree, your decor is bu-tee-full! We don't decorate for Halloween. So our fall/Thanksgiving decor comes out in late September and stays out until Black Friday.

  9. I was thinking the same thing about Thanksgiving. We don't do Halloween so I started with some Fall decor when everyone else was doing Halloween. I'm not quite ready to take mine down yet though. I'm enjoying it while I can. :)

  10. So pretty! I love that we get a month of Thanks and Giving ! laura

  11. What a strinking mantel. I am like you it seems Thnaksgiving is getting passed over.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  12. I decorate for both, love Halloween but then put it away and start with Pilgrims and Turkeys.

  13. I am with you on waiting to put up the Christmas stuff...what ever happened to Thanksgiving?? I love your decor...pumpkins on pedestals look great, and I like all your berry swags! I love the wreaths over your mirrors! I love fall so I try to keep the decorations up till Thanksgiving is over.

  14. I love Christmas but get a little frustrated when stores completely forget about Thanksgiving. I went to get my hair cut and the Christmas tree was already in place in the courtyard out front.
    I love your Thanksgiving decorations. The apothecary jars are so gorgeous.

  15. Such gorgeous fall/Thanksgiving displays in your home! I don't do any Haloween decorating but do Fall decorating that carries from fall through to Thanksgiving. This year I did a little "rustic" display for Fall and will add to or use or remove some of it to enhance its look for Thanksgiving. The colors of Fall are so pretty in your home..and they work well in my home too so I keep them up right till it's time for Christmas decor :-) Thank you again, for showing us your pretty decor!

  16. i enjoyed visiting your blog. i agree that thanksgiving is slowly being forgotten as far as decorating goes. i go all out with my table settings and i have 2 small displays that i put together, one in the foyer, and one in the kitchen. i am starting to pull out a few christmas things. but it is still rather warm here where i live so it is hard to think about christmas when it is 70 degrees outside..

  17. Absolutely, I do NOT bypass Thanksgiving! In fact, TG is FAR more important to me in my heart and life than is Halloween. I love keeping Autumn decor going for a few more weeks :) Your Fall interiors are gorgeous!

  18. I'm usually too busy to do TG decor, so I skip right over it. I always feel like I'm lucky if I get to Christmas in time! No different this year!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting


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