Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Home Goals 2012

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Home Goals 2012

Hey there! It's home goal setting time again.

Guess what?? 

This is the same exact list I used last year!




My Home Goals 2011 list was an EPIC FAIL.

I got lots of stuff done, just nothing on the Home Goals 2011 list.


Actually, we did get 2 things done on the list but I never shared them on my blog.  I'll just keep them on the list so I will be able to say I got at least 2 things done at the end of 2012. Sneaky, huh?!

So here goes my Home Goals 2011... er, 2012 List.
Let me just warn you that the pictures below are awful, I feel like I'm airing all my decor dirty laundry... it's kind of embarassing. I'm hoping everyone has projects and stuff like this in their home... but my list seems so stinking long! Geesh!
If this happens to be your first time visiting, please go look at another post for some good stuff!

So here we go, my home project goals in no particular order:

Goal #1: Paint the boys bathroom. We've lived in our "new" house a year and a half, we've had the paint since the week we moved in, it's never been opened. Nice.

We painted the inside of the entire house when we moved in so needless to say we got a little (or a lot) burned out on painting. No one really sees the boys bathroom so it's not a priority to paint it. But now it's really bugging me. I already have the paint and supplies, no more excuses.


Goal #2: Fix up my office/mom cave. A while back I did some posts about fixing up my mom cave to win a HomeGoods gift card. Unfortunately for my office (and my bank account), I didn't win. (Did the judges even look at my room to see how bad I needed that gift card?! look at this pic, the room is awful!!) Yeah, I'm not bitter or anything. ;)

Needed for the office: Paint, window treatments, light fixture, accessories, organizational supplies, paint desk, new desk chair.

You can still see the goop left on the wall from the border we removed...yuck.

Goal #3: Re-do my big boy's room. Different colored furniture and a poor choice on paint color make for a hodge podge of a room that could (and should) be really cute.

Needed for re-do: Paint for walls and furniture (ugh), new bedding.

Goal 4: Finish crown molding in family room. This is the hubby's job but it's making my list because I'm sick of looking at it. :)

Goal 5: Finish trim on island. When we got our bamboo floors installed the island trim was ruined when it was taken off. It's about time we put some back on.

Needed: just a little bit of trim and me to glaze and antique it.

This makes me crazy! It looks completely unfinished.

Goal 6: Pretty up the master bath. Ideally we'd like new tile on the floor and the tub surround (and a new vanity and sinks for that matter) but it's not a necessity and it would be costly. I am going to work with the white and neutrals and make them work for me. 

Needed: Some decorating inspiration, maybe paint (oh my, every goal seems to include paint!) cheap decor and new towels.

I love my damask towels but the dark brown is just too much for the white tile in my opinion.

Goal 7: Organize my business decorations. Since starting a decorating and homestaging business I have started keeping some inventory. Ok, kind of a lot of inventory that has quickly taken over a corner of my basement.

Needed: More shelving, large bins, patience.

This is all I'm showing of my little disaster. :)

Goal 8: Staining the stair banisters to match our floors.

Needed: Stain (which we already have) Time and patience, this could take up to 3 or 4 coats. We'll also need to do it when it warms up a bit so we can open the windows, will be a stinky job (in more ways than one).

Dreading this one but it will make such a difference!

Goal 10 (New for 2012): Fix up the boys playroom to make it more functional and cute. It is too messy to even share a picture right now. Just imagine a room with trains, hotwheels and monster trucks all over the floor and boring undecorated walls. 

I could've gone on and on with this list but some things seem too trivial to be a "goal" (and I didn't want to set myself up for more failure! ;)

Have you made your 2012 Home Goals list? C'mon, share your embarassing pictures with me, it will make me feel better about myself.

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  1. Please don't be embarrassed! I have the same stuff hiding in my house only I think mine is worse! I have paint for the master bedroom for 3 years now. Just such a big job! My college and high school boys share a bathroom that still has primary color fish wallpaper! I have many unfinished projects as well. Guess I should make a list to post but I am afraid I would end up failing, too! I wish you good luck in 2012!

  2. I have a long List too-and really not a lot of motivation to do them! A house is never done!

  3. My list is long too... And we've been here seven + years and I've not painted (and I've hated the paint the house was since Day 1)... It's been on the "list" for two years now... Maybe the third times the charm! :) Good luck to you!

  4. I love this idea. I may be writing a post similar soon.

  5. Can't wait to see how these all progress!

  6. wow this sounds like my list. I did one last year and was able to cross off alot of things but its time to make another one. I'm glad I'm not alone. It feels like every where I turn there is something that needs to be done.

  7. Whew - exhausted just reading this!

    Would love you to link up to our multi blog link party "Imagine the Impossibilities on Jan 31.

    My challenge if purging and organizing 16 years worth of "stuff" in my basement - scary!

    Hope to see you there.

  8. I kind of cut my list will be a miracle if I get it finished. We recently had our stair banisters painted, and I love it; it is a huge improvement for the overall look of our house. Good Luck!


  9. Don't be embarrassed, cuz we are all in the same boat as you (or at least in some fashion!)

    We're HERE for you, 24/7

    No overtime pay required!

    Your buddies,
    Suzanne (your "buddy" and follower)

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