Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Kitchen Cabinet Organization, make use of what you've got!

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Kitchen Cabinet Organization, make use of what you've got!

Hello there!  It's time for more no-nonsense organizing and decluttering.   I know it's February now so there's not as big as a push for organization going on but let's face it, if you're of the unorganized and cluttery personality type you didn't get all of your organizing and decluttering done in January.  If you did, hooray for you!  But you're probably not a truly unorganized and cluttery personality type.  :)

I ran this post last year but thought it was worth sharing again because not everyone has a pretty walk-in pantry....

Are any of you out there like me with a home lacking a pretty walk-in pantry?

I would love a walk-in pantry but instead have a built-into-the-cabinets type pantry, I'm not complaining, it's better than nothin'.

Someday, in another house, I will have one of those neat walk-in pantries painted with a pretty stencil and organized with big glass containers with cute chalkboard labels cut by a vinyl cutting machine (which I don't even have by the way).

But, I've got plenty of cabinet space so no complaints.

I have a cabinet where I keep lots of baking stuff which was terribly unorganized. The problem: large round canisters stuffed into a square space.

The last time I did a shape sorter with my 2 year old I realized that the round pieces did not fit into the square holes, why was I trying to do that in my cabinet?

Messy, Messy, Messy. Can you tell we like popcorn? None of that microwave stuff either!
There was all kinds of wasted space behind those round canisters.

I came across one of these tall square Oggi storage bins months ago at TJ Maxx on clearance for $5. I bought it thinking they'd get more in soon. They didn't.

After searching around and finding them for $29 a piece, I decided to wait on TJ's to get some more.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

They finally got some in in all different sizes... Woo Hoo!!!

I brought them home and realized my 2 smaller ones had cracks in them, thanks TJ Maxx.

So, I got 2 more big ones (which you need for a whole package of flour and sugar anyway) and a medium one.

I then started to fret as I realized that the tall ones were too tall for my cabinet! Then I left.

I came home to this.

Organizational Bliss!

Mr. Chic did it! He even labeled the new canisters! Using a no-nonsense label maker knowing I will never get around to buying chalkboard labels that will only be hidden in a cabinet. He did good, huh?!

Sometimes all it takes to find more space is to look differently at the space you've got. After getting rid of those big round canisters and a few expired food boxes I've got all kinds of empty space in this cabinet.

Mr. Chic would say just because there is empty space that doesn't mean you have to fill it Yes dear, I know. But, I will likely move some things in here (chocolate chips, sprinkles, food coloring) and make it more of a baking supply cabinet and freeing up some space in my "cooking" cabinet.

So take a second look at that cramped cabinet, I bet there might be some expired long grain rice and some recipe you cut out 3 years ago that you still haven't made, or even some round pieces in a square hole. Pitch em'... it feels really good!

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  1. He did a great job! And how sweet of him :)
    I also long for a pantry -- our kitchen is super tiny, so storage is always challenging. This makes me want to lay fresh eyes on my cupboards and see what I can do. Good job!


  2. Two weeks ago I cleaned out my pantry "cabinet" too. If anyone can top an old box of Rice-a-Roni from 11 years ago, and some powdered milk from before they put 'use by' dates on packages, let me know!


  3. I also want to organize my Kitchen Cabinets but I don't have any idea on how can I start it. And that's because of your post now I have a lots of tips and idea. Thank you so much for posting! Anyway you want to remodel your kitchen cabinet? just Get information here


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