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Let's Talk About Me

Hello lovely friends,  I've missed you!  I hope you all enjoyed my guest posts while I was vacationing.  There were some really great ideas shared and I enjoyed "meeting" all of you.  It was so nice to be able to help out some talented bloggers get some extra exposure and for me to be able to check out of blogland for a while.

Now that I'm back I have mountains of laundry to do, mail to sort, groceries to buy, Easter decorations to take down, yada-yada-yada.  Plus, clean the house.  We cleaned before we left for vacation so we could come home to a nice and tidy house.  For some reason, less than 24 hours after we got home it looked like a bomb went off in here. Why does that happen?? Oh well, until I get all the above done, I can't work on my fun decorating projects.  Booo.  And, since I've been gone I don't have any great projects to talk about, instead I'm going to talk about myself.

Ummmm, awkward...

I'm not really one to talk about myself much but I thought maybe you'd think it was fun.  Yeah, fun. Maybe...



Bueller? Bueller?...

Anywho, I always like it when other bloggers share a bit about themselves so thought you might like it too.
If not, no worries, these will be few and far between.  :)

Sooo, what do you want to know??  Hmmmm, good question.

Well, how about this, my real name is Kathryn, no one calls me that except when I'm in trouble.  My best friend started calling me Kathryn in college just for fun, I have no idea why but it stuck and she still calls me Kathryn to this day.  I introduce myself as Katie and I go by Katie to most.  People close to me call me Kate, and all of you guys.  (You should feel special, huh. :)


Why do I go by Kate on the blog?  Well, it was kind of random.  When I started the blog I had this cheesy idea of calling it "Kate Loves to Decorate" or something like that.  See, it rhymes, Kate, decorate... get it?  Then, I wanted my blog name to match my decorating business name so I decided that was much too cheesy.  I ended up leaving Kate on my blog mostly because Kate is part of my email address.  I didn't think it would end up causing so much "confusion and delay". (10 extra points if you can name that tv show)


I've actually thought about changing my signature to Katie on here because it has confused some of my clients.  My clients have all come from referrals of someone else who introduces me as Katie, my business card says Katie too, then they see my email that says Kate and my blog that says Kate and they get all confused.  Seriously!!


You wouldn't think it would be such a big deal but really, 75% of my clients are like "Um, do you go by Katie or Kate?" and then I'm like, "Either is fine" because really, either is fine and then I can tell they feel like they don't know what to call me because they always hesitate before saying my name and it's a little awkward.  Then I always end up feeling bad about it!

What a silly thing.  So if I changed to Katie on here would you guys all freak out??  Probably?? :)

Kate, Katie, Kathryn? (note the long straight hair)

Ok, besides having 3 names I also have naturally curly hair!  (I told you guys this was going to be tons of fun learning exciting things about me... curly hair, just fascinating!) You can't tell by my pic but my hair is way curly.  Since my youngest baby was born (you know having babies does strange things to your hair don't you?)  my hair has multi-personality disorder.  Part of it is way curly, like tight spiral curls that I would've died to have in junior high when I was getting spiral curl perms and using Rave hairspray.  Now that I have it, totally not in style.

Curly hair picture from 2 years ago, my curls have gotten multipersonality disorder
 since then and I don't have any pics of it since I always put it up or straighten it when it's down.

There are also some strands of my hair in the back that are not curly at all, more like slightly wavy.  When my hair is down the wavy hair hangs 2 inches longer than the curly hair.  It's like having two different hair styles on one head, amazing!  I wear my hair in a ponytail or some other up-do (does anyone say up-do anymore that's not talking about prom in the 90's?)  about 90% of the time due to my hair multipersonality disorder.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate my hair and I'm very thankful to have a head full of healthy hair, but as a woman, I've got the right to vent about my crazy multipersonality disorder hair. :)

Rocking the "up-do" (as usual)

I really like to wear it straight but my hair is pretty long.  Flat ironing every day will totally fry it because it's so curly (most of it) and besides, I am too lazy who has time to flat iron their entire head of long hair every single day? Not this mom. :)

Another fun fact about me:  I love to golf!  In fact, I used to be a pretty decent golfer and played for my high school  and college teams.  In college I played pretty much 5 days a week in-season.  I met Mr. Chic in college when we worked at the same golf course.  Our first date was a round of golf and when we started "going out" we played golf pretty much every day.  Which leads to my next fun fact... we got engaged on a golf course!

Mr. Chic had arranged for my dad to stick the ring box in the hole on the 10th green (just behind my parent's house) just before we got there.  When I putt the ball in I found it, he got down on bended knee right there on the green!  I was completely shocked and excited of course!  For us it was very special and completely romantic.

I always tease Mr. Chic because that was about the worst round of golf I had ever seen him play and he wasn't even upset about it.  Usually we are very competitive and play pretty evenly.  I was beating him by about 10 strokes and he was all smiles. :)   We don't play much any more because we don't have the time but hope to get back into it as our boys get a little older, I'm already giving them lessons in the backyard.

The local newspaper came right after the proposal and interviewed us and did a little story on our engagement, they put the below picture in the paper.  It is a very sweet memory. :)

This is a picture of the newspaper article picture so it's a bit fuzzy.

We were married 11 months later 11 years ago. :)

Well, that's quite enough about me for one blog post.  I hope you found this post to be at least slightly entertaining.  If not, I'll be back to my decorating adventures soon enough! :)

So, whaddaya think?  Should I change to "Katie" and confuse the entire blogosphere?? (more like just a few folks who read my blog) :)

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  1. We have two homes, NOT because we have $$; we surely don't! Mine is in south Louisiana, hubs' is in n'east Wisconsin. Neither one of us is about to give up the respective homes! Anyway...I feel your pain about trying to leave the house nice and tidy so it will be like that on your return! We soooooooo try to do this, but it seems like the older we get, and I'm waaaaaaaaay older than you, the more it seems like we spend every waking moment trying to make our homes 'company ready' so that on our return, we could bring company with us. Never happens!!!!! I about ready to stop trying!
    I so enjoy your blog!

  2. Katie it is - I love it! I vote Katie! Love your engagement story, I can picture your dad creeping out there and inserting the little ring box into the hole! Mary

  3. I love them both-Kate and Katie. I will forever think of you as Kate though since that's how I first "met" you! I'm Jenny on my blog but Jen everywhere else so who am I to talk anyway? lol! Loved these little insights into the non-decorating you! And I adore hearing how people meet their spouses! Such a great post today!

  4. I have that same problem too - Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy, E. My husband always laughs and says he can quickly tell from what period of my life I know someone by what name they call me. This was a fun post to read, thanks for sharing!

  5. Very nice to have met you Kate, Katie, Kathryn :) I love to hear about the people who become a part of our lives, so thanks for the fun post! I think having more than one name is really cool, so keep them all. I know two people, they are mother/daughter in law actually, who are called by totally different names within their family and among their friends(husbands and kids are within the friends).

  6. It's always going to be Katie to me :)
    I loved the post. I loved hearing your engagement story again. The pics of you, the kiddos and Mr. Chic are great.
    I sure miss you guys!!! At least I get to see you on the computer :)
    I'll be posting pics from our recent vacation soon if you want to hop over and take a peak.

  7. Either is fine ;) Not too much confusion and delay... (Thomas the tank engine lol)
    Greetings from Australia♥


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