Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Picture Magnets from Bottle Caps, Guest Post by Mommy is CooCoo

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Picture Magnets from Bottle Caps, Guest Post by Mommy is CooCoo

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Whether you are laughing about the realities of marriage and motherhood or being inspired to make your everyday surroundings lovely, regardless of your budget. I am thrilled to be guest posting today! I'd like to share my newest project with you. How to make magnets out of kids picture proofs.  I hope this project inspires you!

I can't throw my kids picture proofs out. 

I mean look at those sweet, happy faces. 

Put these proofs in the trash?  There's no way!

I was staring at their pictures just the other day thinking, "My babies...  just look how much they have changed since last fall..."  When I realized these weren't last years picture proofs.  They are the proofs from the year before.  This got me thinking, "Did I get their picture taken this year?  If I did, where are those pictures?  Did I send them to our family?" It was time to make something with the picture proofs.

After a few beers I spent some time pondering, I decided I would make magnets using the proofs and bottle caps.  I collected bottle caps last week for weeks. 

Bottle caps are roughly the same size as a quarter. 

I used a quarter to trace my boys faces. 

Then I secured the pictures inside the bottle caps with a dab of hot glue.  It doesn't have to be hot glue, but make sure you secure the pictures in place with some kind of glue.

Now you are ready for the shiny stuff that goes on top of the pictures (resin - if you want to know more about resin, google it). 

 ~ I used this ~

The resin people are not even joking with their directions so read all of them (I usually skim).  Also, DON'T use this stuff when you  are pregnant (I tried a few years ago and Mr. coocoo went TOTALLY FREAKING CRAZY.  I was outside people but apparently, "It is extremely toxic!"  It does, really smell).   

Pour the resin right on the pictures.  It'll be scary but you can do it.  After the resin hardens you will have a clear stone like cover to protect your pictures.  DON'T move the bottle caps or touch the resin for at least a day (you'll be tempted - DON'T DO IT).

There are some bubbles in the resin but this picture is magnified several times and you can see the boys faces clearly.

Thank you for allowing me to share today Kate.  This coocoo Momma couldn't be more grateful! If you'd like to see other coocoo projects or learn more about the whole coocoo family, head on over to mommy is coocoo.


  1. What an awesome idea, I cant wait to try this!

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  3. This is the cutest thing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much Kate. I was so happy to be a guest on your blog. I hope you are having a GREAT vacation!

  5. Perfect timing! I just got my son's school photos! Thank you! :)

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