Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: A Lovely Lilac Bouquet

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A Lovely Lilac Bouquet

Hi friends!  Boy, do I feel out of the bloggy loop!  Last week was crazy busy and the ole' blog got a bit neglected.  But, things will slow down a bit this week so I'll be getting my blog-on.  I have lots of new decorations and other fun stuff to share.

Last week I hosted the lovely ladies of my bible study/play group.  I had planned on cutting some lilacs from our lilac bush to make a wonderful smelling centerpiece.

The night before I hosted I had a decorating job which kept me out kind of late. As I was driving home I was thinking awww man, I should of cut my lilacs during the day when I could see and now I'd have to hurry and do it in the morning before everyone arrived (along with getting my oldest to school, preparing the food and all the other last minute preparations).

I came home to find this beautiful arrangement created by Mr. Chic! I didn't ask him to do it or tell him I was planning on cutting lilacs for a centerpiece.  He read my mind!  I hadn't even thought to use the allium too (the purple flower balls).  I was super impressed that such a manly man could create such a lovely flower arrangement! :)

lilac arrangement

He used tons of lilacs and some perfectly placed allium to make a heavenly smelling bouquet.  He did it all by himself, I didn't even have to "touch-up" his arranging.  The ladies from my group were all very impressed with his mad flower arranging skills. :)

alium flower arrangement
Allium from our yard

I love lilacs, they are one of Spring's best blooms.  We are blessed that they grow so easily around here and that we have a big lilac bush in our yard.  This bouquet was so fragrant you could smell it throughout our entire house, even upstairs... it was crazy!  

  We (mostly Mr. Chic) have been re-doing all of our landscaping since we moved in almost 3 years ago.  Mr. Chic planted allium bulbs last year and I was so surprised that every single one came up.  I don't have a good picture because it's raining  and that flower bed isn't quite finished but believe me, they are awesome planted among our short hosta plants.  I'll be sharing more landscape, flowers and gardening this summer. 

Do you have any lilacs this year?  Ours are almost gone... going to have to make Mr. Chic make me one more arrangement before they're gone for another year...


  1. I love lilacs and haven't got the right amount of sun in this yard to accomidate them but get my annual fix from a lovely neighbor which makes them even more special.

  2. Sadly I don't have a single lilac bush. I have to admit I'm a tad envious of your gorgeous blooms. So pretty.

  3. So lovely! I'm still waiting for ours to bloom here. I keep thinking any day now, but no luck yet! Now you've got me wanting to plant some allium too though...

  4. Those are gorgeous! Don't you just love wonderful flowers that don't require much/any care? I think it is too hot in Alabama for lilacs but my sister in North Carolina is blessed with huge bushes of them that she cuts (like Mr. thoughtful) and brings inside her home...I'm jealous..they are so pretty and fragrant.

  5. Oh I love lilas too! They are so fragrant. That was so kind of your husband to make up the arrangement for you, so thoughtful.

    No I do not have lilacs. I remember my grandmother's lilac bushes and how we would cut them to take in home......

  6. Oh, what a beautiful arrangement! Your hubby was so good and he has a knack of putting together flowers! I do love all of pretty colors! I know this would have made my day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. That's beautiful and how wonderful to have a husband who would cut flowers without being asked AND put them in a creative vase. I added some rosemary and magnolia to a store bought bunch of daisies over the weekend. The greenery from the yard really added a nice touch. Then I promptly knocked it over and smashed a beautiful tea cup and saucer sitting next to it that belonged to my daughter. :( I did manage to save the bouquet.

  8. He's got some mad skills! What a sweet hubby to have!!

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