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I'm Trippin'

Hi friends!  I am hanging out with Mr. Chic in one of my favorite cities right now...

Chicago River


I am eating and shopping and enjoying the sights of this beautiful city on a mini vacation.  I will share more with you about it when I get home. 

Talk to ya soon! :)


  1. Love Chicago. Chicago is where I named my blog. We were running around the city and it hit us. For our family, it's a toddler town. Enjoy your vacation

  2. I heart Chicago - such a great city! I think it's the Midwest feel that it has, as I don't feel overwhelmed getting around that city vs. New York, for example. Enjoy!

  3. Fun city and great shopping. Have fun. Hugs, Marty

  4. Once in a while I get homesick! The picture of the Chicago River makes me fell that way today! Enjoy your visit!

  5. Have fun! I have never been there but I hear it's great!

  6. I live in the area, but don't get downtown much. Your picture makes me want to plan a trip there. I just hate the traffic getting there. Have fun!

  7. Kate,

    Welcome to my city! You've arrived just in time for yet another heat wave ... but they always say it's cooler by the lake!



  8. Welcome! You're just in time for the good summer heat.


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