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Random Inconveniences

Hey friends!  I'm back online on my old barely alive laptop!!  Can I get a "Woot Woot!"?!

The new laptop that took the spill has yet to recover.  I stuck the battery in a tub of rice to suck out any water and blew a fan on the laptop for several days.  All I've got now is a power light that goes on for 5 seconds and then nothing.  Boooooo.

Because my computer fixing skills are pretty much non-existent I totally impressed myself by "fixing" my old laptop.  After the spill I dug out my old laptop, turned it on and found it would not connect to the internet.


Yeah, that's exactly what I said.


Anyway, I busted out my very sharp computer fixing skills by googling the problem on my phone.  Apparently, the problem it had was common but no one really knows why... there's no magic fix.  So, in desperation I went through about 500 "solutions" before I found one that worked.

But I did find it... so here I am, back in blogland with this fascinating story because I haven't done anything else blog worthy for the past 5 days except try to fix this dumb computer.

My excitement didn't last because now that I got this thing up and running I remember why we bought a new one.  This thing is as slow as molasses and about every 30 seconds the fan kicks on like it's going to blow up.  One of the munchkins that lives with me decided it would be fun to peel a couple of the tabs off of the bottom of it for their sticker collection.  These tabs happened to be the "feet" so now it is missing two feet and completely off balance.  When you type it bounces up and down like one of those annoying tables at a cheap restaurant that bounces and scares you half to death if you try to lean on it.  The Y key sticks, or should I say doesn't  stick because when you use it you have to hit it a good 3 to 5 times to get it to work.   Despite my complaints, I really am glad to have had a spare so I can get back online.

So, I am going to be getting busy taking new photos (because I lost a lot on my wet laptop) and getting back to some productive blogging.  I'm also nursing a terrible summer sinus infection and preparing for a garage sale, as well as having fun with my boys so if my next few posts are as "amazing" as this one, you'll know why. :)

Hope you're enjoying the start of summer, despite my recent inconveniences I've been complaining about for the past few paragraphs, I am loving it!


  1. Oh what a bugger, but at least you have something to work with! My kids like taking the feet off too, so annoying, and the sticky keys! Don't do what I did last year, trying to clean under the keys I popped a whole bunch off, lost the connecting dodahs and was left with a partially key-less keyboard!

  2. Way to persevere! I had a whole new appreciation for your post after your description of the "y" key. There are a lot of words with "Y"!:)

  3. Way to persevere! I had a whole new appreciation for your post after your description of the "y" key. There are a lot of words with "Y"!:)

  4. Keep trying; the fact that the power light comes on is a good sign!

  5. OH, girl I feel your pain. Technology and me don't get along so well. And we are so dang dependent on it, but yet it's so dang breakable. Nothing makes me more frustrated than when a computer fails me. I even admit, I had one that was on the fritz so bad that I finally busted it myself. It actually felt really good. Some people have road rage, I have computer rage.

  6. Sounds like the kinda day that would be better lived through with a glass of wine in one hand ;)-- but its great that you back !

  7. Hi Kate, don't we love our computer until it "dies!" Glad you got it working! I'm sure most of blogland can empathize with you -here's to a better summer for you! After taking several months off to get my kids' light biz going, I'm playing catch-up big time and feeling a bit out of touch! Have a great week! Nan


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