Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Some Summer Decor

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Some Summer Decor

Hey, everyone!  Happy Monday!  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Happy Friday" does it?  But it's summertime, so for some of us it makes Monday much less stressful than a regular Monday.

I just love summer. :)

Anywho,  this summer I decided to go green.  Not in the environmentally friendly way, but with my decor. :)

My mantel was easily converted from Spring/Easter (see it HERE) to Summer by pulling a few bunnies and chicks off and added some summer-ish green stuff.

summer mantle mantel

I kept up my Spring wreath which I think can pass nicely as a summer wreath too.  It's actually 2 wreaths that I put on one hook.  The yellow forsythia wreath was getting a little beat up but no one can tell because my small greenery wreath covers it up nicely.  It also makes the perfect size for my mirror.

summer wreath

I made an easy transition from Spring to Summer by adding in green apples in an apothecary, a decorative plate, and a green topiary.  Easy Peasy.

summer mantel

I also added my green butterfly pillow with my green leafy pillows, very summery, don't cha think? :)

butterfly pillow

I scored this little burlap bee candle holder (not green) at TJ's for super cheap because it was "irregular".  The bee was off-centered but I scraped off a tiny bit of glue and managed to twist it around and center it.  Good as new!

bee candle holder

It goes great with my not green bee pillow on the other side of my family room.

bee pillow

Finally, I'm sharing my blanket basket that I recently picked up at Target.  I had been trying to recreate this basket cheaply for months!  I thought surely I could find a big basket for cheap and then I'd add a piece of wood I'd painted with chalkboard paint to it for a similar thing for half the price or less maybe.

Unfortunately, I never found a large sturdy basket that was cheaper anywhere!   Not even close!  It made me so mad because I thought this basket was such a great thing to knock-off. 

When the original one went on sale the other week, which I think was the first time ever, I snatched it up!  Perfect for our throw blankets and with the sale price was definitely cheaper than making it myself.

basket with chalkboard

And then, when I change my mind I can just wipe off "Blankets" and write whatever else I decide to keep in there.  Love that little chalkboard sign!!

Last time I wrote on chalkboard (see HERE) I mentioned how difficult it is to write fancy with chalk.  My "Blankets" isn't exactly fancy but it's ok and it's already smeared!  

How are you decorating this summer??


  1. I love your mantel. I am inspired by your double wreath. My forsythia is looking a little haggard . . . what a great way to spruce it up for the summer!

  2. Can't believe it! I just today removed some of the fallish things (we are up here during the summer and fall) and will be adding some summerish things as well. I love the wreath on the mirror. Also, I have the plate, only in blue that will also go up! Great mantel; thank you for sharing!

  3. I gathered up a lot of beach/tropical stuff from all over the house and decorated the mantle and the table in the entryway. I even got out the plastic summer partyware and made a festive display on the china cabinet in the breakfast room. It really makes me feel like summer is here. The 105 heat index today is making it feel like summer too, won't be sorry to feel a little cool front come through tomorrow.

  4. Love your mantel, love the "FAMILY", love the apples, love the bee candle (don't you love it when you find a great deal?), and LOVE the basket. It's so funny you have one and blogged about it. I saw one just like it in a picture of a bedroom, and they used it to store their throw pillows in at night, which is what I want it for. Very nice.

  5. These are all so beautful! I Love chic-summer decor. I am especially in love with that Bee pillow!! Thank you for sharing!!


  6. SUPER CUTE! Crossing my fingers you'll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven!

    XO, Aimee

  7. The mantel is gorgeous...the green color palette is very striking. Clever idea to add the green wreath the the forsythia one. I have that wreath and would like to give it some oomph. LOVE your Target basket...I've had my eye on that basket forever! I really love the fact that you just made a few changes to get your new summer look. Very inspiring.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. It's beautiful and elegant. Love it! The basket was a great find too!! Thanks for linking up to the Ready for Summer Party at Simply Klassic Home!!


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