Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: How to Make Your Own Train Tracks for Kids

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How to Make Your Own Train Tracks for Kids

Hey there!

If you're a regular around here you may remember me complaining a few days ago about the stifling heat wave we were having in the Midwest.  I was complaining about melting faces, frizzing hair and worst of all, the possibility of pitting out your shirt... yuck!!  

Anywho, we are now recovering from about 5 straight days of 100+ heat! It's still hot but not that hot, thank goodness!

During this heatwave we were stuck playing inside for obvious reasons.  We went to the pool one day and the library another but all that time in between when we can usually enjoy a walk or playing on the swingset we were hanging out indoors in the AC.

While allowing them to stretch their screen time with the greatest babysitter ever TV I noticed my oldest boy stealing my blue painters tape and putting it all over the floor.  I thought he had lost his mind due to heatstroke or boredom but I didn't stop him because he looked like he was having fun, he wasn't watching TV and I was getting some work done.  Score!


When I came back a few minutes later and asked what he was doing he told me he was making train tracks for Thomas the Train... of course that's what he was doing, that one's a smart cookie I tell ya!

Mavis and Birthday Thomas relaxing in the "Roundhouse"

My little one had joined in by this time and they had taped out a sweet new set of tracks all over the family room and kitchen.

They made some bridges...

Light weight toy cars and trains could actually be suspended on this blue "bridge".

They even made a roundhouse on the kitchen table...

Thomas the Train Tape Roundhouse
The roundhouse is full!

The boys had SO much fun with this simple roll of tape and their imagination that we left it out for 3 days!

I know painters tape is a little pricey to "waste" all over the floor but I highly recommend it because it peels off clean without leaving sticky residue behind.  Masking tape or duct tape may not clean up so well after being stuck on for a while.

If your kids are train or car lovers, turn off that babysitter TV and offer them a roll of painters tape to make a city of tracks or roads all over your floor.  A great rainy/snowy/too hot/ stuck inside activity.

Have your kids ever done this or is my boy just a creative genius?! :)  


  1. I think your boy is a creative genius! Who needs loads of money on shop bought stuff when something so simple makes hours of enjoyment. Wonder what he will come up with next!

  2. Great idea! It beats duct tapping the carpet to make it look like a football field... Don't ask!!!

  3. This is a nice post in an interesting line of content, great way of bring this topic to discussion.

  4. What a fun idea! We will totally try this out with our Thomas trains and hotwheels cars! My kids will love it!

  5. Your son is clever and has a wonderful imagination.

  6. That is a great idea! And really not so expensive when compared to buying them new toys to entertain them!!!

  7. very cute that they came up with that on their own!

  8. What a cute idea! I'm so glad we were out of town for the worst of the heat wave- especially since we don't have regular ac, just window units. We got back and the house felt like an oven!

  9. Two things. First, of course they are creative geniuses!! : ) And cuties. Second, I made tracks with painter's tape too, but my kiddo was the train! He LOVED it. Of course, then I had to be okay with my house literally turning into Grand Central Station.

  10. Sounds like a women designer. Not real creative.


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