Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Flaunt it Friday 125!

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Flaunt it Friday 125!

Hey party animals!

Can you believe it's November 1st?!  

I hate to break it to you because I know it doesn't seem quite possible to be that time of year already but... Christmas...  Yes I said it, Christmas is going to start blowing up all over blogland any minute.

Any minute!!

Can you believe it?!

Wow..... I'm a little bit in shock.

Now that it's November it's free game.  So wrap your minds around that for a few minutes...

If you can't handle it yet you can avoid the "C" word by partying with me.  Or if you're ready, feel free to drop some "C" word bombs in my link ups.  You know me, I'm not picky and if you feel the need to get your Christmas posting on tonight, more power to ya.

You can catch up on my 31 day series here at the bottom of the post, it's almost done... slow and steady!


  1. Thanks so much for hosting Kate! XO, Aimee

  2. Thanks so much for hosting!!


  3. Thank you so much for hosting! Have a great weekend.

    Michele @ Better Organized Living

  4. Thanks for hosting! I have no Christmas in the works yet and probably won't for at least another few weeks! But I don't mind seeing other people's early "C" projects. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting, have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Kate, loved the halloween buzz (9 year old helped too) but looking forward to the next one (big C). Thanks for hosting.

  7. Thanks for hosting another wonderful party! And great job on your series!

    Love Always,

  8. Thanks for hosting this party for us. Today I am sharing my Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes and my Leftover Halloween Candy Blondies. Have a GREAT week! ~Sheryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain~

  9. Thanks for hosting this fun party! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  10. Linking up for the first time, off to follow you on twitter and add a link to my Linky love page :)

  11. Thank you for hosting! Have a fun and creative weekend!


  12. Thanks for hosting Kate - I've just text linked again, still can't get the button :(

  13. Thank you so much for hosting Kate, have a fabulous weekend!

    xoxo, Tanya

  14. Thanks for hosting, always enjoy your party!

  15. I always find great ideas for crafts for my son and I to enjoy together in your link ups! I wish I could link up my Etsy shop, but completely understand why you don't allow it. Still loving coming by your blog!



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