Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Germageddon and Downton Abbey Randomness

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Germageddon and Downton Abbey Randomness

Hey there,  how's it going?  Did you see my sad Thanksgiving story I posted at the beginning of Flaunt it Friday last week?

What a way to kick off a party with a depressing story about illness on Thanksgiving.

Long story short, my whole family was sick on turkey day, half of us with a stomach bug, half of us with a bad cold.  My prediction was that we would switch illnesses at some point and guess what, my prediction came true.  I predicted this occurance on my own without consulting the Dionne Warwick Psychic Friends Network (does anyone remember that??) or any other psychic hotline.  Impressive, huh?  I should start playing the lottery with these psychic skillz.  Yeah... right.

Anyway, the cold hit me Thursday morning and the stomach bug hit me Saturday night and I am still exhausted and it's Wednesday.  Walking up the stairs makes me feel like I just ran a mile, usually it only makes me feel like I ran a half mile or so.

Besides missing Thanksgiving, I'm now totally behind on my Christmas decorating.  I'm so bummed because this year I was so excited that Thanksgiving was early so I'd have an extra week to enjoy our Christmas decor.  Not really happening.  I at least got the kids tree up before our house was struck by Germageddon.

On the bright side of things, I've lost 6 pounds since Saturday.  I do not recommend this "diet" to anyone but hey, I'll take it.  Now if I can just keep it off I'll be set for my normal 5 pound holiday weight gain.  At least I'm ahead of the game on that.

I also was able to catch up on Season 2 of Downton Abbey while laying around recovering.  Just in time for Season 3 happening in January... so that's another perk.  Do any of you watch that?  SO good!  Besides the drama it's great just for the scenery, costumes and especially the house castle... all beautiful.

Highclere Castle plays home to Downton Abbey. Photo credit Flickr user Richard Munckton
Are any of you as excited as I am for season 3?


  1. Germageddon totally cracked me up! I feel your pain, we went from the stomach flu to bronchitis ugh, hope you're all feeling better soon!

  2. What a bummer. I'm hoping you all feel better soon. I'm getting Downton Abbey for Christmas and can't wait.

  3. I am soooooooooo ready for Downton Abbey. I rented the first two seasons on Netflix over six months ago and have just been dying for the next season to start. Not sure I will be able to handle waiting from week to week for the next episode!

    Hope your family is feeling better!

  4. Ugh, we had some sort of illness, too. I lost 5 pounds and I'm thinking it may be the same reason you mentioned.

    Anyhow, I absolutely can not wait to see Downtown Abbey season 3 and get my British snobbery fix!


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