Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Handprint Christmas Plate Keepsake Craft for Kids

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Handprint Christmas Plate Keepsake Craft for Kids

Hey friends!  I wanted to share this post I wrote for the Holiday Bake, Craft, Sew Along a few weeks ago in case you missed it.  It's fun, cheap and easy!

This is a super-easy and inexpensive craft that you can do with your kids that will be a sentimental piece you'll want to display each year and keep forever.

No, really... you'll want to keep this forever.

Because let's face it, most of the crafts you make with your kids aren't exactly pretty.  They are cute in the sense that "oh, little Junior made that when he was just 2, that's why Santa is purple and has red eyes and green teeth, er... is that his beard?"  

I love this project because it’s cheap and you only need a few supplies.  You’ll probably have a few of these already lying around your house.
  • Plastic Charger
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush or Foam Brush
  • Paint Marker or Colored Sharpie
Christmas holiday kids craft

I get my plastic chargers (big plastic plates) from Hobby Lobby.  They are usually on sale for .99 cents.  They have a nice selection of Christmas-ey and Holiday colors so you can choose the color that works best for you.  I’m pretty sure they have these chargers at Wal-Mart too if you don’t have a Hob Lob nearby.   

This lovely craft is going to be a charger featuring your little sweeties cute little handprint.  Let’s get started…

First, cover up your work area with newspaper and then you can bust out the paint.  I used acrylic craft paint because this is a craft.  Just kidding.  I used it because it is what I already had.  I’m sure there is a better skin-friendly type of paint but since I knew it wasn’t going to be on my boy’s hand for more than a minute I wasn’t worried about it. 

Let’s start painting!  If your sweetie is old enough they can paint their own hand.  If sweetie is a little too young you need to help them with this part (obviously, duh).

Take your little one gently by the wrist and get a pretty good slathering of paint on their hand.  My sweetie thought this tickled which only added to the fun. :)

We actually put another coat of paint on after this picture below… it should be pretty wet with paint.

This is where things can go very, very bad.

Make sure to give age-appropriate instructions warning them to not touch anything with their paint hand.  If your sweetie is little, hold on to their wrist and do not let go.

I repeat, do NOT let go! 

Now it’s time to bust out some old dance class moves and show them how to make a one-handed jazz hands.  Demonstrate how to use their jazz hand to make a stamp on their plate, make sure to tell them to pull their jazz hand straight up as to not smear their handprint.  

Since I couldn't let go of my sweeties painted jazz hand I couldn't get a picture of this move but I think you get the idea.  After a successful handprint and still not letting go of their little wrist go straight to the sink and wash off the paint. 


After the paint dries use a silver Sharpie or a paint marker to write on the trim of the charger.  My little guy wanted “Merry Christmas” and then wrote his name and the year in his cute little boy handwriting at the bottom.  

See!?  I told you this would be a pretty and sentimental keepsake that you’ll want to keep forever.  (am I sounding like a bad infomercial for one of those ugly porcelain baby figurines?)  

Much better than a purple Santa with red eyes and green teeth, don't ya think? 

*Please note: this plate is only for display, do not use for food! 

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  1. that is so cute :) and would be a very nice keepsake...


  2. I love this idea! I can't wait to make one with my 1-year-old's hand. It's making me emotional just thinking about it.


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