Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Still praying for CT.

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Still praying for CT.

Hello there, friends.  I had some cheery Christmas posts planned for the weekend but just didn't feel like sharing them in light of the tragedy in Connecticut.  Instead I hugged my boys a little tighter and said a lot of prayers like many of you did too, I'm sure.

My friend Abbe from Brown Apples has a heartfelt post today.  She shares some hope for us moms who worry about the safety of our children.  I hope you'll take the time to read it.

Brown Apples:  What is Safe?


  1. I feel the same as you. I just haven't been able to post anything. I feel like I have survivors guilt because my kids have grown up safe and happy while these families are dealing with the worst thing that could possibly happen.

  2. Nice idea, just agree with you.... but everyone need to tackle the situation the same way, and the family just worry about the wellness of their child.

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