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Color Flow: Guest Post

Hello All!

My name is Amy, from the blog Life Is A Trip Worth Taking. I am so excited to be here and guest posting for Kate.  She throws great parties and always has awesome decorating ideas that anyone can use.  
My blog is life, family, and decorating DIY all in one.  You write what you know, right? And, what I know is about boys, family time, and my favorite hobby, anything decor or DIY related. 
When deciding what to write about for this guest post, I was going through some pictures and something really jumped out at me.  See if you can tell what it might be:
Need some more?
I'm sure you've got it now.
It's continuity. The shades of aqua blue and turquoise all over my house.  It's not overwhelming in some rooms, and in others it's the main focus.  But, it is everywhere.
In home decor and design, I believe it is necessary to choose a few main colors for the palette of your home.  My colors happen to be aqua, yellow, and orange.  Sounds pretty crazy right? They actually harmonize very well together. 
The aqua is the main color that I have used throughout my home, with splashes of the orange and yellow, as well.  
The continuity of the color throughout the house, allows each room to relate to one another.  There's no startling feeling going from room to room.  You kind of know what to expect from each space, therefore the feeling you get is one of comfort and it is more pleasing to the eye.  HGTV suggests even varying the shades of the colors you choose to use throughout your home, as well as the color that you pair the primary shade with.
My primary goal in my home is for anyone who enters to feel comfortable and relaxed.  I've used darker tones in the living room to create a cozy effect, and lighter colors in the kitchen and other areas to inspire a feeling of energy.
Darker living area 
Notice the aqua, orange, and yellow?
Brighter dining area
You don't have to paint all your walls the same color to create a flow throughout your home. But, try to incorporate similar accent colors in accessories, draperies, pillows, and other items, to allow your rooms to relate well to one another.  
Are you wondering where to start? Spray paint! I painted my dining room chairs in contrasting colors that flow from the living room because those two rooms are open to one another.  I have used paint samples to paint the inside of glass vases, and frames of mirrors.  Scrapbook paper is a DIYer's best friend, too! Cover books, frame it, mod podge it on anything.  Hand towels, and kitchen towels make great and inexpensive pillow covers. Before you know it, you can have a cohesive and fun color scheme that you can carry over into every room of your home.  
Give a try! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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  1. I love the essence of decor and I do believe that using glass doors is one of the most beautiful decor.


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