Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Want to Guest Post Here?

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Want to Guest Post Here?

Hi friends,  I am going to be taking a vacation from blogging pretty soon and wondering if a few of you lovely readers would like to guest post?  This would be a great opportunity for you newer bloggers to get some free exposure. 

Like my Flaunt it Friday party, I'm not going to be too picky about what you post about.  Just have a few requests:
  • I'd like it to be a new, original post. Meaning you wrote it and it's never been posted on your blog before.  (I don't care if you post it on your blog after about 2 weeks.)
  • It needs to be something that my readers would enjoy, decorating, diy, before and after, money saving tips, even a recipe is fine.  Please, just not about something you are trying to sell.
  • Make sure you introduce yourself and link back to your blog so people will be able to come and check it out..
If you'd like to guest post please email me your entire post with original pictures included in HTML format.  (in the blogger post writing screen at the top left there are 2 buttons "compose" and "html".  Click "html", then copy your entire post in html format, then paste it into an email.)

Please put "Guest Post" in your email title so it will be easy for me to find.  Send it to kateluvs2decorate {at} g mail {dot} com  asap.  I'd like to start putting up posts on March 25th.  I still have openings!


  1. Oh Wow! I'm so excited for the opportunity. I am a beginning blogger and would love the chance to guest post on your site. Will work up my submission ASAP.


  2. Hi Katie,

    I have been looking around to Guest post. This is great. I'll submit mine the ASAP. Thanks for the opportunity.


  3. What a fantastic opportunity. I have the perfect project in mind. My email should be winging its way to you this weekend.

  4. Hi Katie, I would be honored to be a guest post for you. I am just finishing my project and will be taking photos tomorrow 3-21. Do you still have an opening?


  5. Wow. What a wonderful opportunity. I would love to do a guest post. As a new blogger trying to find my way, it would be an honor.


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