Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Painted Stripe Hallway, Guest Post

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Painted Stripe Hallway, Guest Post

Hello everyone, I'm (another) Kate and am thrilled to be giving you a glimpse into my quick, easy, (and most importantly) cheap hallway update today.

When we purchased our house, I knew we would be painting the hallway, and we quickly updated it from a dark green to a bright cream. I loved the crisp clean look it gave, but even I have to admit it looked a little plain Jane.

I was initially planning on adding stripes along all of the walls, but with 5 doorways it would have been very start stop, so I decided on one wide stripe on the main wall. Now for the color - I must have bought about 50 different paint chips home. I wanted something neutral, but enough of a contrast that you would actually notice it. In the end I went for Dust Bunny (oh the irony!) by Valspar.

I masked out my line with painters tape. I read a great tip for painting stripes: paint along the outside with an almost dry brush as this seals the edges and prevents bleeding under the tape.

I couldn't wait to whip the tape off. Sure enough, the lines were nice and sharp.

I picked up 4 frames from our local dollar store and framed some of my own photos.

I love how it turned out. 

At only $3 for the tester of paint and $4 for the frames the whole project came in under $10. Perfect if you're a renter and don't want the hassle of repainting a whole wall when you move out, or if you want to inject a bit of color but don't want to commit to a whole wall.

You can find me over on Magic City Thistle, where I'm a first time homeowner learning as I go and trying to inject my own style into our new nest, with the help of our sweet little rescue dog Murphy. I love a bargain, am addicted to thrift stores and am an incurrable crafter.

From one Kate to another, thank you so much for letting me stop by and visit.


  1. Looks very neat! The cream colors are very elegant together.

    I have painted all of my house two years ago, and every now and then I feel myself wanting to reach for the paint brush again - posts like these don't help ;-)

  2. Hats off to the one who painted this beautiful hallway. Simple yet elegant and the color used accentuate the frames.


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