Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Fairy Gardens... that's right, I said Fairy Gardens

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Fairy Gardens... that's right, I said Fairy Gardens

Hello my lovely friends.  Have you seen the latest decorative type craziness around your neck of the woods yet?  That which is called "Fairy Gardens".

I walked into my local Jeffery Alans (a local decorating/garden/hobby type store that is a step-up from Hob Lob) and found this huge display of Fairy Garden paraphernalia.  I was totally confused at first.  I though it was like some upscale outdoor Barbie furniture type stuff.  And I'm thinking "what in the world is Jeffery Alans doing selling Barbie furniture?" but as I got closer, I realized this stuff was for fairies, not some tramp like Barbie (just kidding Barbie lovers). ;)

These fairies are living large.  They have nicer outdoor furniture than I do.  Some even have beautiful gazebos with blingy outdoor chandeliers! (in the cutest, trendiest colors no less!)

If your fairy is too uppity to live in your garden you can make them their own little personal condo in a basket.  The fairy will insist on a blingy river with colorful stepping stones.

Check out their great furniture selection...

Wouldn't you love a super-cute aqua trellis and matching outdoor dining set?!  I would!!

Wishing wells, patios, bridges, hot pink butterfly benches, gazebos with built-in chandeliers, and more!  These fairies should be on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous! (or MTV Cribs to those of you too young to remember Lifestyles, which I watched as a little kid and really enjoyed!) :)

The fairies have their own selection of live fairy-sized plants to go in their fancy gardens.  These would last about a week at my house thanks to my alter ego, "Captain Black Thumb".

You can even buy a fairy if you think a "real" one won't show up to live in yours.  ($14.99, is that a deal for a garden fairy??)

I felt like the stuff in the picture below was sorta for a tacky-ier looking fairy garden (note the lawn gnome and the ugly dead tree with a "Fairy Garden" sign, if you have to put a sign on it labeling what it is it's probably not a very good fairy garden).

So, have you seen any Fairy Garden stuff around your town?  

What do you think about it?  

I think it could be kind of a cute touch of whimsy to a certain type of flower garden.  Tucked back into some beautiful and colorful flowers.  But you'd really have to have the right flowery setting or it could turn really tacky really fast. I also think it looks like it could turn into an expensive project to have such a fancy garden for a fake fairy. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts... Thumbs up or Thumbs down for the Fairy Garden?


  1. Several years ago, I made "fairy houses" from upside down clay pots and painted a wooden playground set for them to play in. Done in primary colours, it bridged the gap between the green of spring and the colour of summer in my garden...

    However, both needed lots of maintenance (cleaning, debugging - the pots made great bug houses) and when they wore out, I didn't replace them figuring the fairies had moved on...

    It's not *my* thing but for a small garden (like my son's garden), it might add some whimsy.

  2. There are so many beautiful ideas to use in a garden, I can get lost in the garden centers...nice post.

  3. Fairy Gardens have been the "thing " for several Summers now in Blog land and i attempted to have my own little one and I totally Love this . I will be on the Look Out for something like this in our local stores. Who doesn't want a Fairy Garden??? After all, I have a Victorian Doll house of my own....LOL!!


  4. Oh I love fairy gardens! I have been wanting to do a fairy garden for a couple years now and just never get around to it. I saw fairy gardens featured years and years ago in Victoria magazine and have loved them ever since!

  5. Thumbs up to the concept, but I'm not so keen on the actual products displayed. Fairy gardens should be made of twigs and sticks and moss and rocks and feathers get the idea. Just my opinion, though! Maybe I'm wrong...the fairies might go nuts to see great furniture and other decor like this! ;-)

  6. Hello pls can u post the website i have a fairy garden i just stared pls thnaks

  7. Hello pls can u post the website i have a fairy garden i just stared pls thnaks


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