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Sweet Deals...

Hey, friends!  What's shakin'?

I'm sad that summer is going by so fast.  I mean, like super-fast.  Time flies when you're having fun.

I haven't been able to do much shopping this summer.  My boys don't really like hanging out at my favorite decorating stores.  I don't know what's wrong with them?!  Actually, they don't mind too much as long as we can look at toys.  But they never want to leave the toy aisle.  Can't blame them I guess.  It was much easier when they were little and I could stick them in the cart with a snack and a toy and they were good to go.  My little one will still fit in the back of a cart (thankfully!) but doesn't enjoy it much anymore... he says sitting in the cart hurts his buns. ;)

But, I also have a certain amount of mommy guilt dragging them around to boring stores during summer vacation so I just don't do it too much.  But, I still have to shop for my clients so I have to find the time. 

I'm a night owl so sometimes I can sneak out while the boys are sleeping but most places usually close by 9 which has pretty much been our summer bedtime.  I've started to do a little online shopping for clients this summer.  I can online shop all night if I want... Whoopee!

I didn't realize that Kirkland's was online.  I used to live in a city that had one and I'd shop there often. Since I moved away I'd forgotten all about them.  A nice lady from Kirkland's contacted me to ask me to check out their online store and see how their products stack up to some more expensive decorator stores. They are not paying me or giving me any free products or commissions.  I decided to check it out since it had been years since I'd stepped foot in a Kirkland's.  When I looked I was honestly, really impressed.  They have some great pieces for very reasonable prices.
    $49.99                                                                  $197.95

These prices are really awesome!  I am loving the tri-pod table and the sunburst mirror.  $59 for that nice, big mirror that would go perfect above a couch or bed... great deal!

How about that sweet Turquoise Bombe 2-Drawer Chest?!  I'm in love!  Wish I had somewhere for it.  I also like Kirkland's Distressed Cream Sadie Arch Mirror better than the competition and over $300 cheaper! 
I am so impressed by Kirkland's new (to me) selection and online store that I really wanted to share it with you.  For people decorating on a shoestring budget, Kirkland's online store is definitely worth checking out!

PS:  Again, I received no money for this post!  Just want to share good deals with you when I see them!

I had no idea that Kirkland's has an online store.  Look at the


  1. Wow!! I didn't realize Kirkland's was online either........thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. I love Kirklands! I have one just 5 minutes from me, but I order from their online store a lot too. I got a great deal on a mirror for my entryway. It was way cheaper than any other store. I also get their coupons texted to me. Now, THAT can be dangerous, I tell ya. :)

  3. I got a mirror similar to #1 at Hobblylobby last year for about $30 :).


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