Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: My Decor of Christmas Past

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My Decor of Christmas Past

Hi friends!  How's it going??  Freezing our buns off here.  This morning my weather app on my phone said it was 7 degrees but "it feels like -10".  WHAT?!  Did I move to Siberia?!  No!!  These are January and February temps that I'm not quite prepared for in early December.  Boo!  On the bright side, at least we didn't get the crazy ice and snow storms that hit a lot of the Southern states and the sun is shining.  I'll take it.

Anywhoo,  I am still putting some finishing touches on my Christmas decor this year and haven't posted it yet so thought I'd put together a page with all my past Christmas decor.  Just click the button to see the thumbnails of the posts.  This button will also be on my sidebar under the category "My Good Stuff".

 photo eee2fab1-f9e8-4f2e-8a7c-988909b5f974_zpsf4a7a575.jpg

Stay warm friends! :)

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