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Guest Post: Felt Needle Case from Sum of their Stories

Hi I'm Julie from Sum of their Stories and I am very excited to be a guest here at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating. One of my work friends confessed a little while ago that she only had one needle in her house. One needle, how is that possible? I must have hundreds! What if she looses it? I was very worried for her so I made her a quick little felt needle case with a few extra's in it. I feel better knowing she will be ok now! It was pretty easy and cute. Would you like to have a go? Here's how:
You will need: Felt (I used 3 different colours but you can use whatever you like) embroidery thread, 2 little buttons, this pattern and A SHARP NEEDLE! Cut out your felt pieces. I chose for the darker orange to be the outside so attached the flower and one button as marked on the pattern.
The other side looked like this (but it won't be seen so it doesn't matter):
Now layer the other main piece on the wrong side, lining up carefully and in in place.
Using 3 of the 6 strands of the embroider thread, blanket stitch a around these two layers.
When I get back to the beginning I just do a little oversew stitch to join. I did take lots of pictures of how to blanket stitch but they didn't come out! There is a good tutorial from futuregirl here if you need a bit of help.
Now fold your middle section in half and pin in position where marked on the pattern.
The eagle eyed will notice that in the photo I have positioned mine on the other side. It wasn't till I'd finished that I thought it would be better if this opened like a book! Using the 3 strands of embroidery thread again, stitch along the pinned line to hold the "pages" in place. 
You are going through 3 layers of felt here so you might find it easier to stab right through to the other side and pull the thread right through for each stitch, that way you get nice even stitches on both sides. I think this is a stab stitch but don't quote me!
Carry on round the whole "square". Hard to describe, the picture shows this best.
Now it just needs the loop fastening. Fold the case up to a square like the photo below and using all 6 strands of the embroidery thread this time, come up from the inside where marked on the pattern/show on the photo below. Don't pull the thread right through, leave an end. Then go round the button and back down just next to where you came up.
Come back up the the thread to the right side and use it to sew the 2nd button on.
On the reverse, tie the ends in a double knot.
The knot looked a bit messy so I covered it with another little felt flower with a few stitches to hold it in place and make a centre.
Pop a few needles in and your done!
Simple and easy. This would be perfect for children or beginner sewers, or the more advanced could put a lot more fancy embroidery on it.

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