Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Guest Post: Organized Charging Station Drawer

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Guest Post: Organized Charging Station Drawer

Hello Chic on a Shoestring Decorating readers!  Very thrilled to be here sharing my Pretty Organized Charging Station Drawer!  Thank you Kate.  

But first let me tell you a little bit about me & my blog.  

My name is Rea from HomeFor4SweetHome.
I'm married to this amazing man that makes me laugh until I cry & a mom of two (5-yrd old boy & 3-yr old girl).
I like to organize, make some kidstuff to either have fun with the kids or to exlplore something new, & share some mom fashion to stay stylish. Though I try to diy, my hubs always need a lot little bit of convincing. 
Living in a basic builder house,I'm always looking for inspiration whether from a magazine or in the www.
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Our chargers in the house are a hot mess!  Tangled cords here and there.

So I decided to dedicate the top drawer on our nightstand to be the charging station drawer.
But why don't we take a look back how this drawer looked before it had a makeover.
I do like organizing. period.  But making it "pretty" organized is what I love more, it makes me want to keep it looking like that.

Chalk paint has been used a lot but I haven't used it yet and what a perfect place for me to try that on the drawer.  If I mess up, nobody's gonna see it really.  I bought the same thing that Cassie used for her nightstand but in everlasting white.

Painting was easy, weather is cold so I painted inside and I'm glad that there was no smell to it at all!  After two coats then I have this.
Then thought about adding some bling to it, why not gold polka dots?!
Finally purchased a gold sharpie (affiliate link) which I used to make some polka dots on the drawer.
I know, I know...who would see this? Call me crazy but everytime I see it, it just makes me smile...

You want to know how I did those almost perfect circles?  I used this staedler template (affiliate link) to make that, used a pencil to outline it then shade it with the gold sharpie.
And oh how i love the gold polka dots on it!
A liner to the sides and to the front-inside of the drawer to finish it off and voila! I have a pretty organized charging station drawer!
Thanks for having me Kate, until then...
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