Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Chandelier help... can I paint this fabric?

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Chandelier help... can I paint this fabric?

Hello there, lovelies.

Look what I got for free!

chandelier before, chic on a shoestring decorating blog

Pretty cool, right?!

I love the style, it has pretty crystals that attach and hang from the chandelier for a little bling-bling.

But the color.... umm, it is not so good.

Especially that shade, the picture is actually making it look better than it looks in real life.

The shade is sort of a shimmery baby poop colored brownish gold.

It just ain't workin' for me.

Or my house. :(

I've looked for a replacement shade and can not find one this large, it's about 24" across. Plus, the shade frame is welded to the chandelier and not removable but I can't find one anyway so who cares.

I know I can recover the shade with new fabric but since I've never done this before I'm a little worried that it won't turn out well and will look sloppy.

Do you guys think I can paint this fabric with fabric paint?  It is a see-through, shimmery, satin-type fabric.

Do any of you have any experience painting this type of fabric?  I'm scared I'm going to ruin the whole thing.
I would appreciate any advice, friends.  Thanks in advance! :)


  1. Hi Kate, hmm I never painted a shade with fabric paint.
    I think this one looks really nice, but if it doesn`t work for you...
    I used simple acrylic paint, and it worked well.
    I think all you can do is try;/
    Here is my painted chandelier;)


  2. I would try the fabric first. Make a huge rectangle with hem tape on all sides, tape the edges on the back temporarily, and see how that works. If not try paint maybe? I envision the paint being streaky on that kind of fabric, but I have no clue, lol! ~Kelly @

  3. I think I would head down to my local fabric store and find fabric similiar to this and experiment...decide of you need to use fabric paint...that you brush or one that you can spray on...or a laytex paint with fabric conditioner in it ..I would def. lean twards a diluted spray with that thin fabric I hope this gives you a starting point...or maybe spritz of fabric die...Good luck and please share! Sheryl

  4. I would try watering down the paint. I think it would give the fabric a nice softer look. Then you can embellish the shade with gems, diamonds or a nice trim that matches the room...that's what I would do...Millie.

  5. Neat chandalier Kate!

    I agree with Kelly. If you try her temporary lampshade idea with the fabric you can get a feel for what will look best. Maybe you'll find something to complement the bling-bling! I would love to see what you come up with.

    Val @

  6. I have painted fabric lamp shades with chalk paint and they turned out gorgeous. You would never know I painted them!!

  7. You can use Annie Sloan chalk paint... if you water it down it can even be used as a fabric dye... check it out here

    Cant wait to see it!

  8. It would work lovely in my bedroom! Just saying........... LOL!

  9. I have painted several lamp shades...just do a "search" on My philosophy...if you don't like it, you can't hurt it by experimenting on it!

  10. One way of "covering" it without painting would be to wrap it in some type of lace, or crocheted material in a color you like. Neutral would probably be best. You can find crocheted tablecloths at Goodwill and other thrift stores for a song. When I did it it became one of my most popular projects. Here it is: Good luck! xo Kathleen

  11. There are companies that recover lamp shades. I have no idea what they are priced like but most offer a free estimate. Here the link to one I found on the internet, I don't know anything about this company, it is just an example of what is available.
    Good luck with the project, now you have an alternative if the painting doesn't work out.

  12. I agree with those voting for fabric. I think a nice neutral linen would look great. I just bought drumshade ceiling fixtures for my living room and I love them!

  13. I would try to rit dye it with a spray bottle This way it still looks shimmery. It may take a few coats to achieve the color you want though since you can't soak it in dye.


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