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I love a good flea market..

Hello friends!

Do you enjoy going to flea markets?  I do.  Does that mean I'm old??

I don't think so because the flea markets I like have to be good ones.  I have been to a few that just sell junk.

Well, they all sell junk.  But a good flea market will have good junk mixed in with the junky junk.

From May to October there is a good junk flea market once a month nearby.

This makes me so happy!

I try to go to every one but missed May.  However, June's market did not disappoint...

Letters, we've got letters... we've got lots and lots of letters... (name that tune)

Lots of patriotic stuff since the 4th is right around the corner.  (Ugh!  Where is the summer going?!)

Howdy Uncle Sam,

Lots of cute metal signs, antique dough bowls (always too expensive) and plants.  I loved the little metal heart painted with chalkboard paint but I passed on it.  Does anyone know what kind of plant those are?  

More cool metal signs.  And, those big things with holes in them sitting on top are pendant lights.  Awesomely rustic and industrial.  (They'll be in Restoration Hardware next month for a hundred grand each, Ha!)

A cute little vignette...

  This green farmhouse table would make a statement in somebodies dining room don't ya think?  I like it.

This set up is pretty cute but I bet those chairs aren't very comfortable.  I love the color of the Ford truck bed door in the back.

There were cute live topiaries everywhere and I really wanted to buy one but I knew that I would kill it.  Because I'm a stone cold plant serial killer.  Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

These guys had some cute stuff.  I liked all the colorful painted wood boxes.  But then I decided that they only look really cute like that when there are a bunch of them together.  I don't have anywhere to put those cute colorful boxes all together.  Darn.  

Although I didn't buy too much.  It's always fun to look, get ideas, people watch, and eat some really healthy fair food.  (What?  Fair food is not healthy?!).

Do you like to go flea markets?

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  1. The plant you asked about is a fox tail fern, don't know what the scientific name is. They are pretty forgiving, I've had one for a long time, and I've killed my fair share of plants:) Hope that helps.

  2. Hi there! I'm new here. I would like to be at that flea market right NOW! Ha ha, alas there aren't any good ones in my area. However, I am in prime thrift store country :) Blessings, Cecilia


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