Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: My Living Room is Pretty in Pink!

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My Living Room is Pretty in Pink!

pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog


I love it.

Probably, well not probably, totally my all time favorite color.

The girliest of girl colors.

Hot pink, light pink, fuscia, magenta, pale pink, blush... I love it all.

Growing up my room was always some form of pink.  Even my family heirloom antique wooden bed was painted pink.

Pale pink was my wedding color.  My bridesmaid dresses were a beautiful pale pink and silver brocade. My bouquet was pale pink roses (of course).

It's hard to tell but those dresses are the palest pink with silver threading.
Once I got married I sort of gave up on pink.  I mean, I would still wear pink but as far as decor went, I sorta felt like it was off limits.  I didn't want our home to appear too feminine or girlish.  (as if Mr.Chic would've even noticed) ;)  But I didn't want it to be because it was ours, not just mine.

We got married in 2000, we were coming off of that horrible mauve-ish pink phase of the nineties.  Heck, I didn't want any pink decor at that point anyway.

And now here we are, 14 years (wow, 14 years?!?) and 2 boys later, and I am finally ready for some pink. (No, this is not a pregnancy announcement)  I am just ready for some pink decor.

But, I didn't want to spend a lot of money (of course) and I didn't want to over-kill the pink.

It started with this beautiful orchid...

pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog

This is the first orchid I've had that re-bloomed.  Usually I buy an orchid with pretty blooms, they last a while, then the blooms fall off.  Orchids are supposed to be dormant for a while and then re-bloom.  But my inner pirate Ole' Black Thumb comes out and kills 'em dead.  Every. Time.

This has happened to me more than 14 times because I seem to buy at least one orchid a year.  So you can only imagine the shock and awe I felt when this sucker started growing blooms again, it was like a Christmas miracle in July!
pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog

It enticed me to add some more pink.

Luckily I had a bag of "wrong pink" items that I needed to return that were supposed to be for my home office (which is in progress and will have a lot of pink).

Instead of taking back the wrong pink pillow and throw, I decided to try it out in my living room near my magical orchid.

pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog

Since the room is pretty neutral in the first place, it worked perfect!

pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog

I recently picked up this cute rug for super cheap at Hobby Lobby.  I had been looking for a similar rug for a long time but didn't want to spend big bucks on an unnecessary rug that I'd be getting just for looks.  This rug was 50% off and less than $50 and is 5 x 7... great price!  It is just the right size for my living room. Obviously, it's not pink.  But hey, It will go with my next pop of color choice.  Score!

pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog

I picked up this beaded moroccan pillow for my office at TJ Maxx.

Guess what?

They sell this same exact pillow at Pottery Barn.

For one million dollars.

Ok, not really a million but a heck of a lot more than what I paid for mine at TJ's.

Anyway, it didn't work quite right in my office but I really liked it so I threw it on the living room couch.  I just can't bare to part with a pretty pillow. :)

pink decor chic on a shoestring decorating blog

I had always worried about having pink in a family living space for fear of being too girly but Mr. Chic and my boys didn't bat an eye at it.  I didn't add a whole lot of pink but I sure like it. It doesn't take too much pink to make a statement.

The best thing is that I can easily pull it out and be done with it when I am over pink.

But... will I ever really be over pink?!?
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  1. It's beautiful! And congrats on not killing another innocent orchid!

  2. Very pretty pink living room, Kate! I think the prettiest complementary colour for pink is grey, then an granny apple green. Gorgeous orchid!!


  3. LOVE that pop of pink. The throw and the pillow are almost an exact match to the orchid, too. (not that I'm all about matchy-matchy, but I'm just pretty amazed at the similarity) Now I just need to hope Hobby Lobby still has such amazing rugs at such amazing prices!

  4. The pop of pink is fantastic and it doesn't feel too feminine. Your office sounds like it might be amazing too. Thanks for hosting "Flaunt It Friday", I always enjoy participating.


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