Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Flaunt it Friday #244

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Flaunt it Friday #244

Hi, there!  Happy Friday!!!

Can you believe that tomorrow is Valentine's Day?  I feel like I just put up all of my Valentine's Day decor, click here if you want to see them. :)

After tomorrow I'll be taking them down and my Spring stuff is going up PRONTO!  Maybe if I put it up so early winter will leave sooner??  That is my game plan.

BTW, I said I'd post my son's big boy room soon and I still plan to.  I had to re-take some pictures.  You know, it's funny, when I see decor in real life and I think, "ahh, it's fine," and then I see it in a picture and I'm all like "OMG, that looks horrible!!".  Yeah, one of those moments.  So, stay tuned for my big boy's room reveal.  I think you will love it now that I fixed the horrible part. ;)

TGIF!  Let's party!

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  1. Can't wait to see your big boy room reveal. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful weekend. Cathy

  2. Thanks Kate for Flaunt It Friday 244. Happy Valentines Day.

  3. Thanks for hosting an awesome party. Love to see you this week at Funtastic Friday.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your son's room! Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Kate! I know what you mean about seeing things differently in a camera lens...I see things in there (usually not good) that I did not notice with my "naked" eye. Can't wait to see your reveal. Thanks so much for hosting your party for us today. I also agree with you about Valentine's Day being come and gone so quickly. Thanks for hosting your party for us!


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