Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Amazon Prime Day Houseware Deals... don't miss out!

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Amazon Prime Day Houseware Deals... don't miss out!

Hey, friends! You guys know how much I love a good sale so of course I had to share this with you! Today, July 12th, starts Amazon Prime Day which is a huge customer appreciation-type sale for Amazon Prime members.  Not a Prime member?  No worries, you can try this sale for free with a 30--day free trial of Prime.  Just don't forget to cancel within the first 30 days if you decide you don't want to keep your membership, it will automatically renew.

You can sign up here.
When we first became Prime members I was skeptical about the price but the hubs talked me into it, by talked me into it he joined and then said, hey, I joined Amazon Prime and if it sucks I'll cancel and get our money back.

It was a good decision.

Totally pays for itself  with all of the free shipping and the deals.  The free shipping alone is such a  huge convenience.  It saves so much time, especially around Christmas time and my kid's birthdays, heck, anybodies birthday.  It saves me time (and time is money!) by saving me from taking a trip to the store and saves me money because if I go to Target you darn well know I'm gonna come home with more than just a new Lego set for little Chic's birthday.

Anyway, they have some cute house stuff as part of the deal, my favorite is this lantern light...

They also have some nice plumbing fixtures as part of the sale...

And, I found all of this awesome Farmhouse decor a few weeks ago, not sure if any are on special sale for Prime date but they weren't too expensive anyway.  Find links to all the below cute Farmhouse stuff here. 
Farmhouse Style Decor, Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Another really great deal that isn't an item for you home is the Kindle Fire, at it's cheapest price for $33.33!  I am buying one for each of my boy's for Christmas and my mom!  (Hope she isn't reading this...) Anyway, the Kindle Fire is a great tablet, my older son has an older model which used to be mine.  They are great tablets and this price is a steal!

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